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Milkybar Pareidolia

While watching the World Cup, a British lawyer (Robin Jacobs) was eating a Milkybar and noticed that the design imprinted on the bar includes a phallic shape that he believes is inappropriate for children. A spokesperson for Nestle, the maker of the bar, responded:

"Nestle is surprised and sorry to hear that Mr Jacobs thought the picture on the Milkybar resembles male genitalia, it is in fact an image of a horse’s head, the Milkybar Kid’s horse."

This Milkybar phallus pareidolia is getting LOTS of press coverage, although it's not clear to me why since people have been talking about the 'rude' image on the Milkybar for years. Here's a Facebook page about it from back in 2010. And if you do a google search, you'll find pages hypothesizing that the design is an attempt at subliminal advertising.

It seems that Nestle occasionally changes the design. For instance, below is an earlier design in which the Milkybar kid is petting his horse. But the phallic shape of the horse's head seems to have been a constant for quite a while.

Posted by The Curator on Thu Jul 17, 2014

Phallic shape... horse marines. Anything longer than it is wide can be taken as "phallic" by a lawyer with a repressedly pædophiliac mind, and often will.

Nestlé have many, many, many faults. Making the Milky Bar in the first place isn't the worst of them by a long shot. But putting a penis on children's candy is Robin Jacobs's fault, not Nestlé's.
Posted by Richard Bos  in  The Netherlands  on  Sat Jul 19, 2014  at  06:06 AM
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