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ThinkGeek Hunger Eliminator
The folks at ThinkGeek have zeroed in on why people get fat: because they eat too much. Scientifically speaking it's called the ETM (eat too much) Syndrome. Their solution: the Gastron(tm) Remote Controlled Hunger Eliminator. "you can easily control your exact hunger level at any time. Simply swallow the tiny non-digestible Gastron base station and use the remote to adjust your personal hunger level. The base station inflates to fill your stomach, giving you that satisfied full feeling with zero calories." Hmmm. Kind of reminds me of FatSox, from a few years ago... the socks that would suck the fat out of you as you walked around during the day.
April Fools DayFood
Posted by The Curator on Thu Apr 01, 2004

Jeez, this goes back to a MAD article back in the '60's using a balloon to make you feel full. Other notables were the cigarette with a real powder charge located somewhere in the cigarette.Both were to promote health.
Posted by John Edward Pombrio  in  Manchester  on  Thu Apr 01, 2004  at  10:33 PM
There was some kind of expando-sponge-pill during the 70's that would swell up after swallowed. You were supposed to take one 1/2 hour before meal time.
The charge in the cig is called a load. You jam one into a cig and it pops, like a little firecracker, when the cherry of the cig reaches it. You can still get them...but they're a nephew was stealing my sister's cigs, so we loaded a couple and just waited! He never stole them again, I can tell you that much!
Posted by Gee  in  Boise  on  Wed Apr 07, 2004  at  01:56 PM
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