How To Fake Your Death On The Internet

Status: Public Service Video
A highly informative Beginner's Guide To Faking Your Death On The Internet can be viewed on YouTube. It was created by satirist and internet scholar Luke Lewis. Some of the points it covers:

→ Interest in your death (or the death of your alter-ego) can be measured by Heinstein's 2nd Law of the Internet, which states: I = H x W x C. Or rather, INTEREST in your character equals their HOTNESS times their camWHORE factor times the CRAZINESS of the community in which you're posting (measured in LJs or LiveJournals). "The higher the I value, the more ego strokage you'll get from faking your death."

→ Also, terminal illness is generally a better way to depart this world than a car crash. Car crashes are too abrupt and not unusual enough.

→ Finally, "a post without an OMG is a post incomplete."

Lewis notes that "He is currently working on the sequel: 'A Beginner's Guide To The British', due for release in late July." Personally, I think the sequel should be a beginner's guide to faking someone else's death on the internet.


Posted on Wed Jul 19, 2006


but that doesn't sound challenging enough alex!
Posted by Blood For Nothing  in  Somewhere in the Arctic  on  Wed Jul 19, 2006  at  12:45 PM
I think it's damn spot on. If you compared it to the Kayce Nicole Swenson case, you'd see that the pattern mentioned fits snugly. Of course, the author of the film failed to take into account some variables (like bullshit detectors still going off after the "parent" posts the "s/he is dead" post) but I'm sure smart hoaxers can work around that (hint: immediately cut yourself off after the last post and using an e-mail account that you leave idle until it closes of itself immediately after the last post, and oh, avoid physical contact like phone calls and snail mail - smart hoaxers don't give their addresses and telephone numbers - that's probably where the Kayce Nicole Swenson hoax went wrong).

Still, I gotta give a big round of applause to the author for such an interesting video.

Anyways, someone at a chatroom I am usually in told me to go jump off a cliff yesterday... Maybe I will... wink
Posted by RAMChYLD  in  Near a cliff somewhere in Malaysia  on  Thu Jul 20, 2006  at  07:50 PM
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