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Here's a news story that's been making the rounds recently. This case is said to have occurred in Chengdu city, China:
Jiang Ming promised his wife, He Ling, that he would not go on the internet any more and would spend more time at home. But he started to sneak into internet cafes again to have video chats with girls.
"I was on the internet, and suddenly the arrow on the screen stopped moving, " says Jiang Ming.
"Then I found that my right hand was on the mouse pad, and blood was shooting out."
In court, the husband pleaded with the judge to release his wife, since he was to blame for breaking his promise.

It was posted on, so right away that lessens the probability that it's true. It's also been reported in the London Sunday Times, the News of the World, the Sunday Herald, and the New York Post.

I can believe that a wife would chop her husband's hand off, but I find it hard to believe that this guy would a) not see his wife standing next to him with a huge knife, and b) not hear or feel a thing.

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Posted on Mon Sep 10, 2007


She should have aimed at a different place and solved the problem forever. But, did she have to pay for cleaning up the computer station?
Posted by Christopher Cole  in  Tucson, AZ  on  Mon Sep 10, 2007  at  04:32 PM
hello! I've been enjoying your museum and hippo eats dwarf books checked out from the tacoma public library. I love hoaxes and i'm happy to see books devoted to 'the craft' Thank you sir!
Posted by RR Anderson  in  Tacoma, WA  on  Mon Sep 10, 2007  at  07:57 PM
Why do people say something is suspect because it comes from Ananova? I hear that a lot, but I never heard what they might've done.

As I recall, they were a big source for news updates during 9/11...
Posted by coit  on  Tue Sep 11, 2007  at  10:02 AM
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