Horse milk taking the gourmet scene by storm!

Horses, of course, do produce milk. And horse milk is considered a delicacy in some cultures. However, this site extolling the virtues of horse milk seems pretty clearly to be tongue-in-cheek:

taste test show that consumers clearly prefer horse milk to dog and cat milk, and we know that consumers are tiring of ordinary bovine lactation.  Clearly, horse milk is no flash in the pan. As a gourmet food, horse milk is very expensive but worth the extra cost. Unlike cows, horses have only two teats and a 1,400 lb. mare will produce less than a quart of the precious liquid each day... In the dairy industry it has long been observed that there is a correlation between the number of mammary glands and profitability, the less the teats, the higher the revenue.

The strange thing is that almost the same text can be found over at, which appears to be a serious site representing a Mongolian firm that sells powdered horse milk. So who copied from whom? Did the Mongolian company write the text that was then tweaked by the other site to highlight its humorous elements? Or did the Mongolian company cut-and-paste the article, not realizing it was intended as a joke?

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Posted on Fri Feb 22, 2013



Created On:21-Jan-2008 00:10:44 UTC
It could have existed before that, but unlikely to have been the same website (generally creation dates only change after previous records are abandoned).*/
This site has had similar content going back at least to 2005
Posted by Splarka  on  Sun Feb 24, 2013  at  12:35 AM
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