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I received this email from "Doctor Psi":

I remember a British horse race in which one of the entrants was named 'Hoof Hearted'. This horse was obviously named so as to cause the maximum amount of amusement when listening to the commentary! Anyway, I was looking for a picture of said horse to show a friend, and found the following website:


It looks genuine, but I can't believe that these guys haven't stopped to think just how their business name sounds when spoken at a slightly quicker tempo than usual!

It took me a few seconds to get the double meaning, but I eventually got it. I'm guessing it never occurred to HoofHearted Outfitters.

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Posted on Thu Aug 25, 2005


I have been cursed with the name Ian Paul Freely. When I was in the military my name tag read "I. P. Freely".
Posted by Mr. Freely  in  San Francisco  on  Thu Sep 20, 2007  at  04:30 PM
I'm glad someone raised this. When I was a kid I remember my grandmother pointing that Horse name out to me in her newspaper.

This must have been when I was old enough to rememeber and realise the significance. But I don't think I was much more than 6 years old at the time so it must have been in the early 1960s.

I use Hoof Hearted as a nom-de-plume in various web sites
Posted by Dean Shepherd  in  Bristol UK  on  Tue Dec 18, 2007  at  06:39 AM
Well, I actually heard about Hoof Hearted on TV (I think it was ESPN
Posted by KFed  on  Wed Jan 09, 2008  at  09:36 PM
Whoever it was who first thought of Hoof Hearted must have been a cunning linguist!
Posted by Dean Shepherd  in  Bristol UK  on  Fri Jan 11, 2008  at  04:33 PM
Does anyone remember the late Kenny Everett and the character he played called Cupid Stunt?
Posted by Dean Shepherd  in  Bristol UK  on  Fri Jan 11, 2008  at  04:36 PM
Kinda lingers doesn't it?
Posted by M T Mabowels  in  Bristol UK  on  Fri Jan 11, 2008  at  04:39 PM
Posted by Jimmy  in  America  on  Mon Feb 11, 2008  at  08:34 AM
that's pretty funny,
Posted by male sexual health  in  Canada  on  Sun Mar 16, 2008  at  09:04 PM
Just to share - there was also a horse named 'from behind' for precisly the same reason - confusion!!
Posted by getitornot  on  Mon May 19, 2008  at  07:31 AM
I met someone once who signed a cheque using the name C A Jones.

I laughed my arse off. So did he when I explained that the word "cajones" is the Spanish (I think) word for bollocks. At least I think it is. The film 'Buddy Buddy' with Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau had a bit of a dialogue about this.
Posted by Dean Shepherd  in  Bristol UK  on  Fri Jul 18, 2008  at  12:47 PM
Yes. I remember that film. Matthau was a contract killer. Lemon was a suicidal, obsessive, hypochondriac, TV Producer going through divorce.

Matthau had to stop him publicly immolating himself because he was attracting attention to his 'sniping position'. And it went on from there. Bloody excellent film! Thanks for reminding me.

And the reference to Cahonies (I didn't know it was spelled as cajones) I do recall. Very funny indeed.
Posted by Family Shepherd  on  Fri Jul 18, 2008  at  02:08 PM
My dad has several vinyl albums of Bloopers, most of which are from radio before the era of television. I've started listening to those records when I was four and that helped build my sense of humor. Anyway, one of the albums has the Hoof Hearted horse race. It's extremely funny. There was another horse race where a fillie named Harass was scheduled to run but was pulled at the last minute. The announcer reminded everyone to "scratch Harass".
Posted by Lisa N TX  on  Sun Nov 15, 2009  at  01:25 AM
iced ink habbit
Posted by four cough yak hunt  on  Sat May 08, 2010  at  05:30 PM
Chaps. Try going to a WI meeting and dropping the words 'I like Kinda Lingers' every now and then. You'll be very popular with the ladies.
Posted by M T Mabowels  in  Bristols UK  on  Tue May 11, 2010  at  02:47 PM
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