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Holy Cheesecake

A family in Scottsdale, Arizona recently made a cheesecake. As it was cooling off it, it cracked in the shape of a cross. The reporter for asks:

"Is this a simple crust cracking or is this actually Jesus Christ coming back and showing support for this family's religious beliefs?"

Um. I guess I'll choose option A. My wife (the cook in the family) says it cracked because they didn't make it right. If you overbeat the batter, you'll get too much air in it, which can cause the cracking.

The family decided not to eat the holy cheesecake. Instead, they hope to sell it and donate the proceeds to charity.

Posted by The Curator on Fri Dec 27, 2013

May I express my opinion in that this is the least convincing case of pareidolia I've read on this site?

Also thank you for updating so often, Alex, I'm having a lot of fun reading all the new posts on the front page
Posted by Cliodna  in  Estonia  on  Sat Dec 28, 2013  at  04:51 AM
It's already pre-sliced. Mom and Dad get the larger sections and the kids get the smaller ones.
Posted by TMB  on  Sat Dec 28, 2013  at  12:03 PM
-- thank you for updating so often, Alex

Thanks for the encouragement, Cliodna. I've been trying to better organize my schedule to make sure I have time to post, because I miss it when I don't do it.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Sun Dec 29, 2013  at  09:24 AM


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