Hold the Button

Talk about sheer useless stupidity... Holdthebutton.com challenges you to see how long you can hold down the button of your mouse while keeping it positioned over a small rectangle. I managed exactly seven seconds, though they say that the average time is 4 minutes (do people really have nothing better to do?). But this is the part that I'm convinced must be a hoax. They claim that the record is over 13 days. Unless someone wedged something over their mouse button and then left it there for 13 days, I don't see how that would be possible.


Posted on Tue Nov 04, 2003


I managed 10 mins. Lol. Well, I was bored. :red:
Posted by Shah  on  Fri Jul 30, 2004  at  08:13 PM
The trick is to put your mouse on the button and then RIGHT click and let go. It will never stop unless you move the mouse off the button!
Posted by Sam  on  Sat Aug 27, 2005  at  09:12 AM
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