image You wouldn't want to run into this thing while out for a stroll in the woods. It's a 1000lb wild hog with 9-inch tusks, nicknamed Hogzilla, that hunting Guide Chris Griffin claims to have shot in Georgia last month. To put this in perspective, 500lb wild hogs are considered enormous. No one has ever heard of a 1000lb wild hog before, so it's raising a few eyebrows. Plus, the only evidence for the creature's existence is a picture Griffin snapped of himself posing beside it. He says that he buried the hog soon after killing it. In the picture of Griffin with Hogzilla, the hog sure looks big. Hogzilla could be real. Or the picture could be photoshopped, though I haven't seen a good enough copy of the image to make a judgement on that. Or Griffin could have obtained a large hog from a farm. In the hoax forum, posters have pointed out that tricks of perspective might make the hog look bigger than it really is... though even taking distorted perspective into account, that still seems like a big hog. If I were Griffin, I'd dig the skeleton up to prove that Hogzilla is real, because a picture alone is not indisputable evidence.
Update: A better quality picture of Hogzilla can be seen at Kens-fishfarm.com, and David Emery notes that there have been previous stories about giant hogs caught in the wild.

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Posted on Thu Jul 29, 2004


That things looks like it's made of wood kinda
Posted by Jenny  on  Thu Jul 29, 2004  at  01:06 PM
What exactly is this hog hanging from?
Posted by AqueousBoy  on  Thu Jul 29, 2004  at  02:46 PM
Oh, it's supposed to be hanging from a backhoe. Eh, still fake.
Posted by AqueousBoy  on  Thu Jul 29, 2004  at  02:48 PM
I'm going to say this is likely fake. Someone claims to have killed a record breaking animal, but noone is allowed to see it. That sounds a wee bit suspect.
Posted by Mike  on  Thu Jul 29, 2004  at  07:21 PM
You'd think he'd at least keep the tusks from the thing as a trophy.
Having said he buried the pig is like the kid who says the dog ate his homework.
A bit too convenient.
Posted by Peter L.  on  Fri Jul 30, 2004  at  01:56 AM
He was there on his own when he shot, strung-up, photographed and then buried this huge hog, he must be ever so strong. I look forward to him getting the gold in the weightlifting at this summers olympics
Posted by Dave  on  Fri Jul 30, 2004  at  08:16 AM
Gotta say hoax...the thing that struck me was his comment "We killed it because we didn't want to take a chance of him getting away. Somebody else would have shot it"...so they wanted to be the ones to shoot it, but then hid all the evidence that they did...I doubt it very much. A record size hog and they're not gonna go around claiming the bragging rights?? And what would have made for an equally impressive perspective shot would have been to have the backhoe in the pic -- but that's omitted too.
Posted by LethargyTarTare  on  Fri Jul 30, 2004  at  10:17 AM
If it had been dead a couple of days, I would have understood because of the stank. But since it was killed last month, grave robbing efforts might have to wait a while...
Posted by Not You  on  Fri Jul 30, 2004  at  10:59 AM
Hey, Dave, I think it's even funnier that the guy goes hunting with a backhoe...
Posted by Ga  on  Fri Jul 30, 2004  at  12:04 PM
This has to be a hoax. Look close at the picture. The hog looks like he's 10 feet from the camera. Chris Griffen looks like he's 25 feet from the camera.
They used the same princliple to make humans Hobbit size in the "Lord of the Rings" movies...
Posted by Robin  on  Fri Jul 30, 2004  at  01:03 PM

Posted by Jacob  on  Sat Jul 31, 2004  at  04:50 PM
Unfortunately Snopes doesn't shed any new light on the story. They basically copy the AP story about Hogzilla, and then offer the observation about the perspective in the photo looking a little funny.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Sun Aug 01, 2004  at  11:55 AM
I have to say this story is all HOGwash... as an avid hunter if i took a record size hog like that I would be alerting the news media right away.. plus he's a hunting GUIDE.. what better way to endorse your skills than by having it stuffed and in your lodge... plus the pic looks like a photo from from an excavation site not a hunting camp.. even if this was taken just before they buried the hog.. and lastly I know that if I was to take an animal like this and not have it mounted.. I would be having one hell of a pig roast...
Posted by Mark  on  Tue Aug 03, 2004  at  09:36 PM
what a load of crap
Posted by fatty  on  Fri Aug 06, 2004  at  12:16 AM
Don't you mean, what a load of hogwash?
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Fri Aug 06, 2004  at  12:23 AM
i cant believe that a bunch of rednecks can use photoshop. This is proof that they can. They may be able to use it, just not very well. Lovely advertising scheme for the river oaks plantation though. All the other hunting rednecks will think its real and want a big hog too.
Posted by Zero  on  Fri Aug 06, 2004  at  12:44 PM
Do hunters go hunting with cranes? What would they use to lift half a ton? Looking at the photo, there's a considerable difference in definition between the 'hunter' and the 'hunted' which shouts fake to me!
Posted by Nik  on  Mon Aug 09, 2004  at  07:58 AM
On a side note, Chris Griffin is also the name of the son on family guy. I haven't looked at the article or anything in alot of detail, are we sure the guy even exists or is perhaps making up a fake name?
Posted by Razela  on  Wed Aug 11, 2004  at  09:13 PM
omg look it's michael moore!!! both hogzilla and Chris Griffin look like the filmmaker.
Posted by john  on  Wed Aug 18, 2004  at  01:46 PM
bah, its a fake. his shadow's wrong and he's too sharp against the background.
Posted by surreal  on  Wed Aug 25, 2004  at  08:23 AM
ah, something else i missed - pay attention to his boots.
Posted by surreal  on  Wed Aug 25, 2004  at  08:25 AM
Hogzilla is and advertising ploy gone bad. The domestic boar was purchased from a producer to be released in front of a "paying client". The only problem was that he died of heat stroke before a client could be located that would pay the price. He was buried and after the fact dug up and photographed . He was about 6 1/2 ft long and weighed 700 lbs or so . Given he was a big hog , but not 1000 lbs and 12 ft. long. And not a bullet hole in him. I wish someone would go to Ken's Farms and question the witnesses using a polygraph. Then the truth would come out.
Posted by R. Burns  on  Thu Aug 26, 2004  at  10:10 AM
There are/were two images of this guy and his hog on the internet when the news first came out. Using stereoscopic imagery one can see that what should be normal 3-D is reversed.
Posted by Ray  on  Sun Sep 19, 2004  at  02:41 AM
:lol: I've seen LOTS of giant hogs at the local motorcycle hangout! :lol:
Posted by troubledexperiment001  on  Fri Oct 01, 2004  at  07:48 AM
Stay tuned to: "National Geographic Channel Finds Hogzilla". It seems they have acquired the rights to the award-winning Explorer documentary series. Hogzillia will me among one of the first episodes of the Explorer documentary series. The program will start airing in January. It looks like they found the spot where Hogzilla was buried and had some forensic scientists look at the remains. No other information was given, you have to wait and see the program.

Heh and I don't get that channel, figures. I hope someone will let us know what the say.

source: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=519&e=5&u=/ap/hogzilla_national_geographic
Posted by Myst  on  Tue Nov 23, 2004  at  03:45 AM
National Geographic says this wild Boar is not a hoax. Be careful before you label something you are afraid of as a hoax, it might not be. Remember the "X-Files"? You are not paranoid if they are really out to get you.
Posted by James Litchfield  on  Sat Dec 11, 2004  at  03:45 PM
For those that still are curious they are showing it Sunday, the 20th at 8pm.
Posted by Dale  on  Sat Mar 19, 2005  at  08:17 PM
I bet all of the paople that did not beleive that such a thing could be that big feel real stupid after seeing that discovery channel special which will be on again 2 mor times on the 28th of march and the following sunday
Posted by Joe  on  Tue Mar 22, 2005  at  09:58 PM
Ok for one thing its true and all of you who think its not are retarded because for one why would they lie about a stupid hog thats rediculousand for another they already have the world record for the biggest brim yall are just jelous because hes getting all the fame and glory right now and you aren't so get a life and get over it he's my uncle and i know for sure him and the hog are real and they buried it because they couldn't eat the meat and they didn't mount it cuz its head was too big if yall did your'e reading up on it you would understand but yet you might be 2 dumb for that .
Posted by UR MOMMA  on  Thu Apr 14, 2005  at  04:31 PM
Yep, we are all dumb. Then again, we do know a little bit about something we like to call "punctuation."
Posted by Razela  on  Thu Apr 14, 2005  at  05:02 PM
I am REALLY interested in this topic!!! I am actully writing a 4-H report on it!!! My friend Kristen and I have our eyes on this computer EVERYday looking for information on Hogzilla!!!!!
I think people who don't believe in this should not be looking at this picture! Am I right???????
I'm not sure if I can or not, but, I would like to talk to Chris Griffin, to get some facts!!!!!!
Thanx for reading my comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Emma Passmore  on  Fri Dec 30, 2005  at  08:56 PM
Listen dont you dare say that hogzilla is a fake, I for one know hes real because i have senn the documentery about him on national geographic but the size is exaggerated, here are the real facts about hogzilla:

9 inch tusks
800 pounds (360 kilos)
8 feet long
killed inthe geogia swamps.
Posted by AARON  on  Sun Apr 02, 2006  at  08:57 PM
Here is the wonderful link on why this is true

Posted by THE TRUTH  on  Tue Apr 11, 2006  at  05:33 AM
i've heard LOTS about this hog. very cool infact. but the people that put in comments on this web page... gosh you guys have to do research besides just reading the article and saying its a "fake." if you want real evidence, watch the show explorer on national geographic. it give you LOADS of info on hogzilla that are true. i would put tons of information on this page but dinner's ready now.
Posted by TiFFiE  on  Thu Jun 15, 2006  at  05:19 PM
does anyone no where i can find pictures of other big pigs like hogzilla. thanks in advance
Posted by aaron  on  Mon Jan 01, 2007  at  08:09 PM
i have seen one a little bit smaller than that

i took a shot at it with a 30-06
it texas

it turned and looked and ran off i folowed the blood trail for about 4 hours and then gave up.
Posted by tyler cary  on  Mon Apr 09, 2007  at  07:51 PM
is there any other photos of this thing or what ??
Posted by stoner  on  Wed May 30, 2007  at  12:00 PM
What, Hogzilla's a fake? Next they'll be telling us the Loch Ness Monster is a myth, or that John Holmes' penis wasn't really 14 inches.. party poopers! hmmpf
Posted by Dealer Jack  on  Fri Jun 01, 2007  at  11:56 AM
its real, http://www.snopes.com/photos/animals/bighog.asp

and its not the first plus there was a show on it and they dug up the remains. I dont think its that hard to believe an animal can get fairly big if given a larger sourrounding and more food.
Posted by xxtrippxx  on  Fri Jun 01, 2007  at  03:52 PM

Are you serious? soooo fake, I agree his dog must have ate this one. Where are the shadows of the hog? They are not on you, nor on the ground. Who stole em? soooo chopped.
Posted by j  on  Sat Nov 24, 2007  at  11:08 PM
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