Hate Crime or Hoax Crime?

On March 9 Kerri Dunn, a psychology professor at Claremont McKenna College east of LA, reported that her car had been vandalized and covered with racist graffiti. Now the police suspect that Ms. Dunn, who often spoke out against racism, may have staged the crime herself. Apparently some witnesses claim that the car was already covered with graffiti when she pulled into the college parking lot where the crime supposedly took place. She denies this, of course. So we'll have to wait and see how this plays out.

Hate Crimes/Terror

Posted on Tue Mar 23, 2004


It does not matter if this is a "hoax" or a hate crime. It only shows the complexities of the situation on campus. The bigger issue here is that racism exists and needs to be addressed despite the fact that Dunn may have done this herself. This is no excuse to write off the responses that have been positive by various students and faculty.
Posted by Emily  on  Thu Mar 25, 2004  at  06:48 AM
Emily, you bent the needle on the P.C.-o-meter.

A woman hosts a series of events that no one attends. She manufactures an incident designed to inflame the passionate responses in those who get worked up about such things. She files a police report and treats the ensuing witchhunt as her own vindication. She can now bask in the attention of a full house. She's found out as lying scum. She still has people willing to defend her actions when it becomes clear that it was all was the destructive act of a mentally ill female. Truly mind boggling leftist behavior.

Posted by Dwayne  on  Tue Mar 30, 2004  at  04:34 PM
emily says, "fake but accurate!"

can you imagine a deeper expression of dishonesty?

why do progressives lie?

i was hoping that this category would be more complete with he accountings of hate crime hoaxes. instead there's only a couple. probably better than nine in ten reported hate crimes are hoaxes.

here, there is no mention of alicia hardin who faked racist letters and posted them on the dorm doors of interracial couples in order to scare her parents into pulling her out of school. when the smoke cleared, jesse jackson said something like, "its terrible that there is so much racism that this would've seemed like a genuine incident!"

fake but accurate. progressives lie, but no one calls them liars. they slander campus conservatives, but when the slander is exposed, the slander sticks and the perpetrators remain lionized victims of "political repression." you see, by the formulation of "fake but accurate," any attempt to correct a lie told by a progressive is slapped down as an attack against the speaking of "larger truths." but how can a "larger truth" be composed of component lies?

Posted by jummy  on  Fri Mar 17, 2006  at  12:14 PM
This is why hate crimes legislation is an utter waste of time and effort to enact.
Posted by villainy crew  on  Mon Mar 16, 2009  at  04:07 AM
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