High-School Pranks

High-school seniors superglue the locks on their teachers' doors. The teachers are not amused. In other senior prank news, piglets are released in a school the day of the senior barbeque.


Posted on Wed Jun 18, 2003


My friends and i set up a fart machine in the washroom behind the toilet and pressed the remote when ever someone went in. they'd come out all embararssed and blame it on someone else. i was like no one else is here...
Posted by Jen  in  Canada  on  Thu Feb 15, 2007  at  11:33 PM
It was the last week of school and we wanted to pull a prank. So me and some friends got together and plotted the best prank in school history.We spent that whole week thinkin about it and then we got an idea so we went w/ it. The year before we had heard of some ppl at another high school stealing the benches ,tables,trashcans ect from where we have break everyday.I didnt want to do the same prank again so i changed it...We wanted to take all the benches ,tables, trashcans , un bolted them from the ground and put them one by one on the roof of the gym where everyone could see them. we ended up doin more pranks that night like supergluing the key holes and sparypainted class of 04 in the parking lot.The next day we came to school and there were ppl just standing around because they couldent get into the school it was so funny. they ended up takin off all the door knobs from all the outside doors because thats the only way they could get in the school.All through my classes they were over the intercom sayin that if we didnt fess up that they wouldent let our whole class walk in our graduation. we didnt care so we didnt tell anyone. When break came around we wlked outside there was trash everywhere because they didnt have anywhere to put it . So we got caught we couldent walk in graduation and they made us buy all new door knobs and we recived 500 hours of community service. but it was well worth he reactions and different faces of all the ppl.
Posted by richie layton  in  orlando florida  on  Mon Feb 19, 2007  at  01:01 AM
i move to a all white school.im the first and only black person to greduate. me and my friend wants to pull a prank on all of the seniors(only about 20) because they are all ways running their mouths but don't do nothing.we thought about superglueing some of their chairs. but i want it to be something they never forget
Posted by priscilla  in  cowgill missouri  on  Mon Feb 19, 2007  at  12:15 PM
Get 3 pigs and label them 1, 2 and 4 and release them through the school and they will be looking for the 3rd one forever! This can also be done with Chickens.
Posted by Doctor Dave  on  Mon Feb 19, 2007  at  04:38 PM
I am a 7th grader at my school but this may be my last year at this school and I want somthing the administrative members will reamber me by.
P.S. My e-mail is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by Josh  in  US of A  on  Thu Feb 22, 2007  at  05:21 AM
I love those pranks if u have anymore I would love to try a prank on my school thanks
Posted by Brittney  in  P-Town,Texas  on  Thu Feb 22, 2007  at  06:46 AM
I have a great idea for you guys. I think im going to cut off ALL OF the lights during school. I dont want to get in trouble though because this sounds like it could have very serious consequences. Good luck guys.
Posted by Freddy  in  fjaskl  on  Thu Feb 22, 2007  at  08:21 AM
I am a senior at AHS and we got a couple and one is to hand the princepal a stick of gum (we have 200 and something seniors) but we are aloud to have gum but that one is kinda gay... Are other one is to make the orange cards we have to have when we are in the halls and give them to our princepal cuz if you get cought without it then you get iss or detention just depends on how much they like you..lol... But then someone said get balloons and fill up his office with them... thats ok i guess but i want something bigger... SO if you have any ideas let me know a.s.a.p cuz i grad. in May...
Posted by Bizzy  in  Alabama  on  Thu Feb 22, 2007  at  12:25 PM
ok so i read the pages of pranks. most of them are as queer as elton john. lol. u guys wanna do somethin good. i got some pranks tht i have personally done myself. ok these are originals so if u do them, dont get caught. 1. call dominos and order a MEDIUM PIZZA and a 20 OZ.COKE. exactly tht. u have to be a guy with a deep voice to do this if the teacher is a guy, or a girl with a sifisticated voice if its a woman teacher. order it to the teacher u hate the most. they will have to either pay for it or pay the cancellation fee. i know i know its genuis. ok 2. buy some tampons and put them all over the teacher u hate most, or the principles desk. 3. make some cupcakes and fill them with laxatives. then give them to ur four main teachers.. they will either shit themselves durin class. or if they have it after school, they will shit themselves in their car. then their car will smell like shit and when they get out of their car, the shit will fll down thei leg. lmfao u need anymore just email me @ .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by steven roy  in  west warwick ri  on  Thu Feb 22, 2007  at  04:35 PM
Man you guys have some of the dumbest ideas i have ever heard of. Yall are either queer, or freshmen.
Posted by Shawn  in  LA  on  Fri Feb 23, 2007  at  08:04 AM
just drop some eggs on their heads
Posted by eric  in  tucson az  on  Sun Feb 25, 2007  at  11:55 AM
i got a good 1 for you but u might get in a little truble

ok ur gunna need friends for this 1 get all the computer from the lab and put them in the middle of the hall way get shaving cream and wright my penis is big but my balls are small on them and wright from the teacher u hate the most if u dont hate eny teacher try a class mate

to make sure u dont get in truble like i did try wearing a mask gray or black and a hat and make sure ur wearing clothes that u never have befor
Posted by shawn  in  ohio  on  Sun Feb 25, 2007  at  07:24 PM
ive never had a senior prank but when do its going to be f!@#$* awesome!
Posted by shyla rhodes  in  missouri  on  Mon Feb 26, 2007  at  11:11 AM
hahaha wow i go to a private school to but they arnt that strict i guess...i mean i do tons of stuff that i always get away with even if they catch me. one time tho for a school prank someone brought in a bunch of farm animals like chickens and goats and set them loose in the school. lol i suggest someone do that
Posted by Julia  in  Winnipeg, MB  on  Tue Feb 27, 2007  at  01:10 PM
At our school we have ceiling fans and we throw things at them like leftover food and stuff. our fan r all bent and crooked from everything. Our teachers now search us before we go into the class(junior). Does any one have any far out, easy but cheap and totally disruptive pranks?????
Posted by Blah  in  Nicaragua  on  Fri Mar 02, 2007  at  04:35 PM
Now this is what i did to my librarians at school when there pissed me off. Its not much of a senior prank but is funny.. well i went online to jajah.com(a site where you put in two numbers and they will call eachother) well i got the number to myschool lib and the local chinese resteraunt. i had the site call each other..my librarian answered the phone and she was freaking out yelling at the chinese ppl and she was on the phone for 20 minutes and my friend ian asked if she was ordering chinese....i couldnt help to laugh...and to add to that we would call the libs and hang up numerous times. we would watch them walk from there dest all the way to the back room and hang up right when they answer they got pissed.
Also fyi me and ian are all up in pranks..we put 2 raw hamburgers under the sink of our art room and by the time that spring rolled around it smelled honesty unbearable...the teacher had the janators come in and look at the sinks because she thought they were backing up(they took the sink apart numerious times) that was histarical. we also put a bloody chopped up steak in the back of the french rooms closet...seriously our french teacher is moronic...me ian rachel and alex all entered the back room leaving the steak with rachel and alex. ian and i left and our teacher didnt relise that rachel and alex were still back there. after she left rachel and alex let us in the room (cuz you cant lock the doors from the inside ) we went and we hid it in a place that they didnt find until like 2 months later. our hiding place was in a vent that we took the screws out. it was gross but so funny. our french teacher had no idea who did it. if you want to no what else we did just e-mail me
Posted by Katie K  in  Boonville  on  Thu Mar 08, 2007  at  03:13 PM
ok well...there is this one girl that i really really really want to get back at...and there is my ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend that i really need to get back at so if anybody has any ideas for me pease e-mail me or andd and IM me its .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) kk thanks everyone!!
Posted by Jordan  in  Fortfairfield Maine  on  Thu Mar 08, 2007  at  03:41 PM
I need Ideahs to prank our school.......I go to one of the most Pathetic schools ever Rogers High School I want to do something just so people can have laughs at that poor school I mean alot of people there have problems!! Can you blame them??
anywhoo someone please send me a good Prank Please!!!!!!!
Posted by Michelle  on  Sun Mar 11, 2007  at  06:52 AM
Hey yall, im an 8th grader in middleschool.
nothing ever happens.
i really want to pull a prank this year.
my email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
e-mail me and let me know ideas.
Posted by Kelli June  in  Georgia  on  Mon Mar 12, 2007  at  04:46 PM
what zup im trying to pull a prank this year for my senior year if u know anything good let me know
Posted by Sherm  in  Los Angeles, Cali  on  Thu Mar 15, 2007  at  10:40 AM
we have way to many nerds and it is way to boring in class so if any ideas please tell me and i need something to get my teacher back to
Posted by zac  in  naylormo  on  Thu Mar 15, 2007  at  12:51 PM
ok. here are some ideas:

last year, the seniors tied baling twine and fishing line between all of the middle school lockers, going across the hallways in a maze. They made sure that we couldn't get the string down easily. The day before, the senoirs made sure to take all of the scissors in the school, by borrowing them from the teachers. They also used the washable car markers that you can write on windows and marked all of the underclassmen's cars. The seniors also wanted to dig out the numbers "2006" and fill them with cement on a hill next to the school, but they thought it would cost too much.

One idea a kid in my class had was to take two chickens from the chicken coop next door and spray paint a number 1 on one of them and a number 3 on the other so the rest of the school would be wondering where number 2 is.

Another prank our rival school did, was spray paint all of our school parking spaces with handicapped signs. They must have used stencils becuase they looked pretty believable. Even though no one would admit it to our rival school, it was a pretty good prank.

I have more. But i don't have enough time to type them all out.
Posted by Steph  in  Hicktown, MA  on  Thu Mar 15, 2007  at  03:09 PM
hi all i need a parnk we need somthing good plz and thank you!!!
Posted by me  in  here  on  Fri Mar 16, 2007  at  10:13 AM
another idea: put vasaline on all of the door handles. Then, take all of the paper towels out of the bathrooms so people can't go and try to wipe the vasaline off. For all of you in boring/strict schools: you can't get into too much trouble for that...
Posted by Steph  in  Hicktown, MA  on  Fri Mar 16, 2007  at  03:27 PM
last year a senior class made cardboard copys of the teachers and put them on a big hill with their pants down playing hocky!
Posted by Tallah Wilson  in  lincolnton  on  Sat Mar 17, 2007  at  08:06 AM
Im a freshman at cchs, and me and some friends are planning our senior prank. we're thinking about mixing a whole crap-load of different pranks into one huge one. and we need something to get back at this asshole, so if you have any ideas, my email is ****@yahoo.com
Posted by Amy  in  Oregon  on  Sun Mar 18, 2007  at  10:23 AM
yall are kinda mean about all that shit i dont care what anyone says a prank is a prank and if it dont go too far then get the fuck over it. and if you dont like it you got too get over it anyways because whats done is done!
Posted by amber  in  graham  on  Wed Mar 21, 2007  at  12:29 PM
I nede somthin to do as a prank at my highskool. i am a freshman, but i want to do a prank every year and leave a legacy. no one has pulled a prank that has been recognized by anyone. i want to do somthin to our principals truck because it is always behind our skool where u can not see it from the rode. Any ideas?
Posted by alucardracula_thenewprankster  on  Fri Mar 23, 2007  at  11:08 AM
One time at my school my school was holding one of thoes sphgetti nights things and befor school drive there was a signh that said "all you can eat sphgetti 4.99!" One of my friends had a singh just like the one that are school has and we took some of the letters from his dad singh then came back to our school and rearranged the letters on the singh to say "All you can eat pussy 1.99!" And the best part was that the dinner thing was about to start.
Posted by hey  in  Yale MI  on  Fri Mar 23, 2007  at  08:07 PM
heres one. when its the weekend egg ur school and like steal all exam papers and shred them and if u feel like it put a whoopie cusion on ur teachers chair. i have a think for whoopie cushions
Posted by jane  in  epsom surrey  on  Sun Mar 25, 2007  at  11:10 AM
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