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More strange images from my inbox. These shoes look like some kind of art project. I don't think it would be possible to walk in them.
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Posted on Wed Apr 20, 2005


Awesome vid by the White stripes! I haven't seen that one before. Anyway, I've had a few pair of ballet heels myself and yes they are walkable with practice and plenty of toe padding!
Posted by Ehren  in  SC, USA  on  Tue Mar 11, 2008  at  03:02 PM
omg thats so funny! i'd rock em. as a ballet dancer, that looks redikulous. i mean, who the hell in they right minds would actually wear that? just funny to me.
Posted by bon qui qui  on  Sat Jun 07, 2008  at  05:53 PM
I have two pairs of ballet boots, ankle and knee high, and I love them both.
Unfortunately I'm not really able to walk in them.
I can stand for a little while and make some steps, but no balance, so I need the wall if I want to go somewhere, which is really becoming painful, but I love the feeling of these shoes.
I also intend to buy a pair of pony boots from punitiveshoes.com, in hope that I might be able to walk in them. I can walk in 6 inch heels and I think the step from 6 inch to the pony boots might be possible.
And the pony boots seem to be very comfortable and walkable, but because of their price, I have to save some money until I afford myself this little treat.
If someone could tell me anything about the ponyboots, I would be absolutely happy to hear.
About the comment from bon qui qui, there is no logic behind when it comes to these shoes...
They are overpriced (comparing to "normal" heels), impossible to wear and to walk (for most of the people) and not very practical or healthy, BUT they are looking beautiful for a lot of people, and how they feel, ballet or pony boots, they are just incredible.
Posted by NoWo  on  Sat Jun 21, 2008  at  06:04 AM
The fourth one of the first line impressed me most, what is that? How can I take it as a high heels shoe from the picture I saw. It
Posted by Heel Linda  on  Sat Sep 27, 2008  at  07:01 AM
Just one question: how to add your blog into my rrs reader, thanks so much.
Posted by christian louboutin  on  Sun Jan 03, 2010  at  01:28 AM
Love the pony shoes. Tempting me to get.
Posted by Cheryl  in  Ny  on  Mon May 03, 2010  at  02:17 AM
all of these shoes are walkable. (i'm not saying i can walk in them, but i have seen others do it.) my best was a 10" platform thigh high boot.
Posted by razor  in  houston tx  on  Sun Dec 05, 2010  at  09:39 PM
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