Hebrew Beer

image Is Hebrew Beer for real? Absolutely. And it comes in two varieties: Genesis Ale and Messiah Bold. I've never seen this in my local beer store, but I'll have to look for it. When I get my hands on some I'll add a bottle of it to my rapidly growing collection of weird beers.


Posted on Thu May 27, 2004


I've had it and it's pretty good. The label is funny too. I'm not sure where my husband picked it up but probably at the big discount liquor store we stop at every once in a while.
Posted by Bea  in  Maryland  on  Fri May 28, 2004  at  03:27 PM
He'brew is sold in Berkeley, CA at health food stores. I've never tried it, though.
Posted by Mason Inman  in  Santa Cruz, CA  on  Fri May 28, 2004  at  04:47 PM
I've been to several liquor sotres and package warehouses through out the mid west and it shows up sporadically. It's starting to catch on with the Jewish community out here. I bought my first one as a single beer in Dayton. I buy it regularly now.
Posted by Casey  in  Indianapolis  on  Mon Jul 26, 2004  at  04:37 PM
Posted by Shmaltz  on  Thu Feb 23, 2006  at  06:13 PM
Beers Beer, Just give it to me!!
Posted by Carter S  on  Thu Feb 23, 2006  at  06:19 PM
So, I guess, you could say "It Isreal!"
Posted by Chuck  in  Fairfax Va  on  Tue Sep 19, 2006  at  02:12 PM
I just tried this beer. It was very good, actually. Light brown color, 1/4" head. Stronger flavor than most brews. Slight bitter aftertaste. I liked it, gave it a 7 out of 10.
Posted by joe  on  Mon Oct 09, 2006  at  09:40 PM

Posted by Max  in  NJ  on  Mon Jan 08, 2007  at  06:48 PM
Actually it's a pretty good beer and you can find it at the chain Firewaters. I know they have them all over the country. This is the myspace link for the one by me. I'm sure you can search for more locations.

Posted by Robyn  in  Fort Lee, NJ  on  Tue Apr 03, 2007  at  01:01 PM
I know that ''Beer'' because my dad is Isrealy. The rael thing is called Malta.
Posted by Amanda Lugassi  in  Coral Springs  on  Sat Jun 23, 2007  at  06:05 PM
How he get drunk? He brew beer. Mazeltov
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sat Jun 23, 2007  at  06:26 PM
Hebrew beer has gotta be one of my new favourite beers but watch out. Despite the Messiah connotations I can assure you the Bold isnt joking as a 6 pack will give you a cosmic hangover smile
Posted by Dan Wuh  in  LA, CA  on  Sat Jun 14, 2008  at  01:45 PM
To me it doesn't seem so weird. Indeed the name and the commercial are kind of strange, but in rest it looks ok. My boyfriend even says that it is better then Carlsberg, so..
Posted by source naturals  on  Wed Jul 30, 2008  at  03:27 AM
We get it at our local Whole Foods, and there's a fabulous Belgian Beer Bar that we go to, they have Hebrew beer both in the bottle and on tap. I have to let you know, though, there are more than two varieties. I encountered one that packs a punch. If I remember correctly, it had about 12% alcohol, it was yummy. smile
Posted by Djrianna  in  pompano beach, fl  on  Sun Mar 08, 2009  at  01:27 PM
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