Haunted House on eBay

I've seen many haunted things offered up for sale on eBay: haunted glass jars, haunted Coke cans, haunted toasters, haunted rubber duckys, even a haunted Gmail account (which, I'll now admit, I offered $10 for, but got outbid). So it seems inevitable that someone would finally try to auction an entire haunted house on the site. But based on what we're told in the article, the woman's evidence for supernatural possession seems a little sketchy. A few flying objects and weird noises. That's it. She's going to have to do better than that if she wants the serious haunted curiosity collectors, like Michael Jackson, to step up and start bidding.

eBay Paranormal

Posted on Fri Oct 29, 2004


Nah, unless there have been some serious mysterious deaths: I'm not bidding for it 🙄
Posted by Paul  on  Fri Oct 29, 2004  at  07:07 AM
A few flying objects and weird noises? Sounds like it was inhabited by a normal married couple.
Posted by Captain Al  on  Fri Oct 29, 2004  at  11:14 AM
A friend of mine just went on vacation to a house that some celebrity owns. It was haunted & she didn't want to stay in it anymore, so she opened it up to the public & built another home nearby.

I think she was just trying to get a good cash-flow going before she got to old to sing. (I think the celebrity is Loretta Lynn...but I'm not 100% on that.)
Posted by Maegan  on  Sun Oct 31, 2004  at  10:25 AM
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