Has Bill Gates Converted To Islam?

I got an email asking me if it's true that Bill Gates has converted to Islam. Seems like an odd question, but doing a google search uncovers that this rumor has been going around. Over at the Ultimate Bill Gates site you can find lots of people asking if the rumor is true (scroll down to the comments section), and the Gates of Vienna site reports getting lots of search-engine traffic from people searching for the phrase 'Bill Gates converts to Islam'. I think I've found the source of the rumor. Over at Iraqitek.com, someone posted a screenshot of an arabic-language website that supposedly has a story about Bill Gates' Islamic conversion. I don't know any Arabic, so I can't tell what the screenshot says, but assuming that the text in the screenshot does describe Gates' new-found beliefs, it must be the source of the rumor. However, I have no idea where the screenshot itself came from. Oh, and to answer the original question: No, Bill Gates has not converted to Islam.


Posted on Sun Apr 10, 2005


There is no way Bill Gates has converted to Islam. If he had, then I'd know about it. This is just some hoax that has been going around - don't believe in it.
Posted by blog about islamic blog  in  Sweden  on  Thu Dec 31, 2009  at  11:38 AM
It doesn't matter if Bill Gates is converted to Islam or not!! Every religion has its own value and vision. We should respect every religion and its followers.It is very clear that GOD sent so many messengers to this world in different region, different time. The Christian, Jewish, & Muslims are believing Adam is the first men lived in this earth.Also Abraham is the father of those three types followers. The important fact about why peoples are converting to Islam is simple. All of previous prophets brought the message of GOD, and spread the word 'worship only the one power behind the earth ie, Jehovah (christian) YHWH* (jewish) & ALLAH (muslim).After the death of each prophets, Their followers loose their belief in GOD and they worship hand made IDOLS of prophets*.So they made a serious fault ie, they worshiped other than one GOD. Finally GOD send the Prophet Muhammad for entire humanity to spread the same message 'worship one GOD'. If you serious, go through every religions and its rules book (like Bible, Koran, Torah etc..) you can easily find out the answer about the One GOD. When a guy found the truth about the GOD, they surely convert to Islam. That's happening now..I read something in Koran "some people in christian, Jewish and other religion, if they read Koran carefully, they will convert to Islam". So worship one GOD (he don't have son or he is not boned as child for anyone) respect the Islam and its rules. Once you learned everything about Islam, you'll convert to Islam. Proud to be a common slave of GOD.Get his love, mercy... Thank you for reading. downer
Posted by Alan  in  nw  on  Fri Mar 26, 2010  at  08:21 AM
The capacity for self-deception and the ability to live in a fantasy world of some people on here is amazing. Neil Armstrong has been denying his conversion to Islam for years but that doesn't stop some idiots from citing him as an example of converts to Islam, so to those fools saying "Why hasn't Bill Gates denied it?" is "Because you idiots wouldn't listen even if he did."

Grow up and stop trying to force your Stone Age beliefs on everyone else.
Posted by Kuffar and Proud  in  England  on  Wed Jan 05, 2011  at  02:00 AM
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