Has Bill Gates Converted To Islam?

I got an email asking me if it's true that Bill Gates has converted to Islam. Seems like an odd question, but doing a google search uncovers that this rumor has been going around. Over at the Ultimate Bill Gates site you can find lots of people asking if the rumor is true (scroll down to the comments section), and the Gates of Vienna site reports getting lots of search-engine traffic from people searching for the phrase 'Bill Gates converts to Islam'. I think I've found the source of the rumor. Over at Iraqitek.com, someone posted a screenshot of an arabic-language website that supposedly has a story about Bill Gates' Islamic conversion. I don't know any Arabic, so I can't tell what the screenshot says, but assuming that the text in the screenshot does describe Gates' new-found beliefs, it must be the source of the rumor. However, I have no idea where the screenshot itself came from. Oh, and to answer the original question: No, Bill Gates has not converted to Islam.


Posted on Sun Apr 10, 2005


hello ...

all this thing is not true and.

for us as Muslims .. we don't think it is a big thing .. and to my BROTHERS in ISLAM who post there comments here.

it is better to work hard and study to build our countries .. instead getting happy if some one like Bill Gates convert to Islam.

it is his life and he is free to do what he like with it.

as for us .. we have to find our way from our self .

remember that the Holy Qura'n and our prophet Mohammed (SAAWS) mentioned that there is no difference between all who believe in God.

so we all equals.

and the Holy Qura'n was mentioned that there is no difference between the people only by there good work .. not by there god Islam.

Don't tell me that stupid guy like Bin-Laden is better from a Christian or Jewish or any other religion follower Doctors who save lives.

let's use our brain (that is also mentioned in the Holy Qura'n).

I'm Muslim and I'm proud to be a muslim.. but it dose not mean that I'm better than all the people because of that.

Thank you all
Posted by IRAQITEK.COM  in  Iraq  on  Sat Apr 23, 2005  at  01:09 PM
"remember that the Holy Qura'n and our prophet Mohammed (SAAWS) mentioned that there is no difference between all who believe in God.

so we all equals." - Whoever posted as IRAQUITEK

You know, I don't think I've read too many statements from religious people that I agree with so whole-heartedly.

"let's use our brain (that is also mentioned in the Holy Qura'n)."

So use it. Use it to prove that god exists. You'll get a million bucks. And if you could prove it with enough evidence that you actually GET the money, I'll drop whatever I'm doing and admit I'm wrong and join the closest church.

Or maybe I'll still hold out until they prove which religion is the 'right' one.

Somehow, I don't think I'll be converting soon. Although I AM a minister in the good ol' Universal Life Church.
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Sat Apr 23, 2005  at  01:52 PM
Posted by Mind Shine  in  earth  on  Mon Apr 25, 2005  at  08:56 AM
Bill gates doesnt belive in god. He should become president.
Posted by Taylor  on  Wed Apr 27, 2005  at  12:31 PM
if bill gates didn't convert why didn't he deny it?
Posted by hania  in  Egypt  on  Sun May 08, 2005  at  04:59 AM
But he didn't assure it , either ..( U can check his web page )..

May be he didn't recieve that email , telling him that he converted to Islam !! So the guy simply doesn't know about this hoax ..

Anyway , it's not that big deal , anyway ..
Posted by Lina  in  Jordan  on  Sun May 08, 2005  at  01:22 PM
I don't care whether Bill Gates really embraced Islam or not!..I myself know exactly Islam is true one and i don't need Bill Gates testemonial to encourage my believe in Islam...May Allah Guide me always and guide me and those who believe till the day that we die...amin
Posted by abi_bakars  in  Mars  on  Sat May 21, 2005  at  02:14 PM
Dear Sir,
with more respect , Mr. Bill Gates , whether he turned or not to Islam , he will not add anything to that great and last religion.
everybody should understand that all the money of the universe will not be sufficient for him to enter paradise after resurction.
and the creation of the earth and universe is greater than anyone achivments. Just think about that.
only perfect character and manner , treating the others as what the God ordered us , fulfiling our duties to the God according to what messenger guided us and at last using our open minds to decide PERSONALY what is the religion should be followed.
after that every one will accept the results accoridng to his choice.
Posted by Alaa El Toudy  in  Egypt  on  Tue May 24, 2005  at  04:02 AM
hey bill gates i wanna know if you really converted to islam
Posted by sheikh hassan  in  Ottawa, Ont  on  Sat Jun 25, 2005  at  12:59 PM
Seriously you muslims, JUST NOW, the rumour is confirmed he did NOT convert, so can you pease say "Oooh I'm glad he converted, etc" this is a message to the muslims..

Get over yourselves.
Posted by Eva  in  Palestine  on  Tue Oct 18, 2005  at  04:40 PM
You said it bro.

(anyhow I dunno why would anyone want to convert into Islam, especially a guy like Bill Gates)
Posted by Eva  in  Palestine  on  Wed Oct 19, 2005  at  11:47 AM
This is the dumbest thing I hsve heard. In a November 1995 interview on PBS with David Frost, Gates was asked if he believed in the Sermon on the Mount. "I'm not somebody who goes to church on a regular basis," he said.

The specific elements of Christianity are not something I'm a huge believer in. There's a lot of merit in the moral aspects of religion. I think it can have a very very positive impact. ... In terms of doing things I take a fairly scientific approach to why things happen and how they happen. I don't know if there's a god or not, but I think religious principles are quite valid.

In a cover story for the January 13, 1996 issue of Time magazine, Gates was asked if there isn't something divine about the human soul. Gates replied tonelessly, "I don't have any evidence on that. ... I don't have any evidence of that." He later added, "Just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient. There's a lot more I could be doing on a Sunday morning."

So this is odbiviously a rumor. He is an agnostic probably or a universalist, but if he wants to see the truth he needs to find jesus.
Posted by Tyler  in  Florida  on  Mon Oct 31, 2005  at  04:59 PM
its a goood news that gates has converted to islam

Posted by sukri a. halling  in  phillipines  on  Wed Mar 29, 2006  at  11:32 PM
i was really AMAZED, and happy by the news that had reached that bill gates has already converted to islam........
i think he is divinely inspired by ALLLAH, to show to humanity that ISLAM is the true religion..........
Posted by SUkri A. Halling  in  phillipines  on  Wed Mar 29, 2006  at  11:40 PM
It seems both Bill Gates (Windows) and Linus Torvalds (Linux) are atheists. They should be converted to Islam. Inside Islam they could become brothers. While they have programmed a program or OS, do they think the world is made without anyone's instuction? May Allah show us the right path.
Posted by Rabiul  on  Tue Apr 11, 2006  at  01:53 PM
You still actually believe this crap? LMAO
Posted by Eva  in  Palestine  on  Tue Apr 25, 2006  at  12:46 PM
Well after searching about conversion of Bill gates in some websites, i became really happy and this is the way of intrest and Fascination of other non muslim to come under the shadow of Islam.
Allah keeps him happy.
Posted by khater  in  Kabul, Afghanistan  on  Wed Aug 09, 2006  at  12:23 AM
Thank god that im a muslim by religion we are not permitted to oppress women
Posted by ahmed  in  indiana  on  Fri Nov 24, 2006  at  09:03 PM
Why would he convert to Islam, huh? Man, oh man. I can't do anything but hold my tongue and may whisper sweetly, "no comment!".
You malicious Islam enemies don't want to release this wonderful news because you do know it cheers us up, don't you?
Yes, Bill Gates did convert to Islam as it's translated above, sweethearts.
Remember one thing, we win, we always do.
Posted by Hala Khanji  in  Jordan  on  Mon Mar 26, 2007  at  07:24 PM
If its one thing Ive noticed on all the comments here its the fact that the islamist dont challenge the facts, the facts dont seem important - its like hearing a child saying "NO! I wanna do it MY way! *sulk*" - wake up, trust the facts!
Instead of claiming that other people are false - CHECK THE FACTS FOR YOUR SELF, its a whole new liberated world out there where noone needs to trust the wouldbe "godly words" of a dusty old book.

Bill Gates has NOT become a muslim. Face the reality, face the facts.
Posted by Jay  in  Sweden  on  Mon Oct 29, 2007  at  07:02 AM
Its all good!.
Bill gate converted to islam or not shouldnt be a joyous issue, faith is different from wealth.The other man who opposes is conversion, i wouldnt know your religion tho, but whatever faith bill belongs to, be it Islam, Christianity of Jews, does it add a thing to your hereafter.
Look, lets pray to God for ourselves in his divine mercy, I am muslim, and i am not a fool to have chosen this religion. I have nothing against christianity,l cos its the religion of the west!
But one thing we need to clear off our chest, is that the politics between the west and middle east, has negatively fabricated some people's belief about islam.But thats wrong Its a religion of peace.
Peace be ubto you all.
You have anyquestion?. please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by Tunde  in  Nigeria  on  Thu Nov 22, 2007  at  03:00 AM
Islam deals with the body and soul, it deals with total submission and conversion from impurity to purity, even we, as scholars of islam, are only trying,and praying to God to see us thru.
So hearing the rumour, that bill gate converted was a knock on my mind, what are some people happy for?. What if he converts,and doesnt perform his salat 5 times dail?, MONEY cant buy everything, his money doesnt even change a thing
What islam needs now is more than Gates conversion....Leave his faith for God to judge.
I have read the bible, and i have read the Quran..It was clear, the differences were their...I wonder why the bible has no self reference..so who wrote that book?
Posted by jay  on  Thu Nov 22, 2007  at  03:14 AM
hey, iam an arabian person and i understanded what did the picture means: it means that bill gate have the money and knowledge. but he didn't felt comfort at any religion but islam. and an american news paper asked wheather the new technologies that bill gate will invent will be for islam serveying islam. ((that's all))
Posted by mohammed  in  sausia arabia  on  Sat Dec 01, 2007  at  01:24 PM
The most funniest thing i've heard for long.
Posted by Turkey  on  Sun Feb 17, 2008  at  12:17 PM
im happy that
Bill Gates has
converted to Islam.

He found the true religion
and that is Islam.

Allah is Great!!!
Posted by yashy  in  philippines  on  Sat May 17, 2008  at  03:18 PM
it's his buisness so get over it
Posted by something  on  Fri Jun 20, 2008  at  01:07 PM
" To all of you who said ``if he converted to Islam then he found the truth`` I say,try for once to realize that other people who follow other religions have feelings too. Said who Islam is the truth, the right religion,,,,a quick comparison between the prophet of Islam, and any other prophet will prove the Islam inferior, also, the Woman`s rights in Islam is virtually nil.

Do yourselves a favour and check the book ``Why Am I Not a Muslim`` for once try to read with an open mind.

Cheers "

Believe me i did read books about many things i had debates with other people .

about a prophet ours is superior . show us why is he inferior please because i would rally like to know.

about women if your talking about how we dress her its a good for her . did u ever have a very beautiful gift . do u put diamond in the street so anyone can steal it ? i wish not . we think of women as something very expensive something that we should take care of . Yes For Us She Is
A Diamond .

Don't give any attention to my bad English i speak 3 languages , please read Quran just start !! if you don't find it convincing then stop reading it .

we r here for the truth !
Posted by Ash  in  CANADA  on  Fri Oct 03, 2008  at  08:24 PM
it is the benefit for everybody on this earth to take the right path of Islam, in order to succeed this world and hereafter. otherwise it will be dire damnation whoever ignores the Creator laws and follow the false Gods in this world
Posted by mustate  in  A.A  on  Sun Oct 19, 2008  at  09:18 AM
Dear brothers and sisters

i am very eager to know many famous persons who reverting to islam (his/her original born faith)like Bill Gates of America, because many others may follow suit his foot steps as people of materelist world, thus, actually the question to be addressed is whom is advantage for the conversion of true religion, it is for newcomer or those who already had the faith, but truelly speaking it is for the newconverter coming to refuge the harsh jugdement of Creator, who ordained to mankind to worship not but only him and to follow the true path of Messengers.
if you are suppressed to the conversion of like this rich man, know that he and his wealth are belong to Allah the Almighty, and it is a test for the owner, but finally everyone whatever hi is or she is will be front of his Lord to judge them.
Bill Gate is no more than a mortal person and very man is.
wealth of this world likewise no more than fabrication decieving its owner and it is mentioned in the Holly Quran so many times. like Qarun the owner of amazing wealth, then where he and his wealth ended up?
Posted by mustefa hassen  in  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  on  Sun Jul 05, 2009  at  01:07 PM
Hello everyone. Not only Bill Gates has been rumored to have embraced Islam. There are rumors that even astronaut Armstrong and movie actor Stallone embraced Islam. Cat Stevenz decades ago and Michael Jackson (shortly before he died or killed because of it) embraced Islam. Now, does it come a surprise if Gates embraced Islam? Certainly not, for there are already thousands upon thousands if not millions of people across the globe who embraced Islam. The figures are staggering. As to whether there are Muslims who embraced Islam, there's no rumor whatsoever that Muslims embraced other religions and if there are, the source of the information is doubtful. It
Posted by Fatmah M. Taguiam  in  Philippines  on  Wed Nov 25, 2009  at  02:51 PM
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