Halle Berry and her Six Toes

Does Halle Berry have six toes on her right foot? There are people out there who have spent a lot of time pondering this question. The evidence for the six-toe theory is based on these pictures, which are at least two years old.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that, no matter what these pictures appear to show, Halle Berry is not polydactyl. If she was, she'd admit it.

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Posted on Thu Jan 24, 2008


Judging by the colour, it looks like a bunion or corn, as the melanin in the skin is stretched and paler than her actual feet.
Posted by derek  on  Thu Jan 24, 2008  at  02:40 AM
I knew those X-Men films were true! Halle is a mutant! Does this mean that Rebecca Romijn is really bright blue?
Posted by Robert N  in  London, UK  on  Thu Jan 24, 2008  at  06:48 AM
Is this just something like the "Marilyn Monroe has 6 toes" thing? ANd people just randomly accuse beautiful women of having 6 toes so they can feel better about themselves...b/c they are "normal" with 5 toes...but also ugly.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Thu Jan 24, 2008  at  09:04 AM
Dudes, that's not a sixth toe. That's the slightly lumpy look that happens when your little toe gets shoved inwards, either from genetics or wearing tight heels too much. I've seen that before on women, especially skinny ones. I don't think it's that uncommon.
Posted by Vryce  on  Thu Jan 24, 2008  at  09:09 AM
Sorry--I'm having a tough time focusing on her toes.
Posted by JoeDaJuggler  in  St. Louis, MO  on  Thu Jan 24, 2008  at  09:43 AM
I counted the number of toes on the largre blow-up picture and there are only five. But the little toe does seem distorted hich may look like an extra toe on the smaller picture of her foot. But I agree with JoeDaJuggler, who wants to concentrate on her feet anyway.
Posted by Christopher Cole  in  Tucson, AZ  on  Thu Jan 24, 2008  at  11:18 AM
Still from Things We Lost in the Fire trailer.
Posted by Mongo  on  Thu Jan 24, 2008  at  07:15 PM
Yeah, I'm surprised no one noticed her two nipples.
Posted by poo  in  poo  on  Fri Jan 25, 2008  at  12:58 AM
You raise a good point, poo (well two of 'em), but I think those were photoshopped in. If it were that cold she wouldn't be dressed for warm weather.
; )
Posted by JoeDaJuggler  in  St. Louis, MO  on  Sat Jan 26, 2008  at  10:21 AM
Let me start by saying she is such a beautiful woman...

It doesn't matter how many toes she has those have got to be the ugliest feet I've EVER seen on a woman. Hammer Time all up in Halle's shoes...
Posted by Kera  in  Germany  on  Wed Feb 20, 2008  at  02:58 PM
is that her a sixth toe or a big ass bunion
Posted by wendi j  in  los angeles  on  Sat May 10, 2008  at  04:09 PM
i think its a sixth toe no lie and if so thats a problem
Posted by ebony  in  china  on  Sat May 10, 2008  at  04:11 PM
a big Ass Bunion? Ass bunions suck
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sat May 10, 2008  at  10:21 PM
Don't care, am too busy jacking off looking at her.
Posted by jonisjackingoff  on  Tue May 13, 2008  at  04:58 PM

i have an extra toe.
so what!
Posted by sue  on  Fri May 16, 2008  at  08:17 PM
sorry - saw on a trivia show , had halle and another actress - and the question was ... which one of these actresses has six toes. So hence a search was in order.. So her sixth toe has reached game show status
Posted by Brian  in  Europe  on  Fri Jul 11, 2008  at  03:46 PM
There are pictures like these floating all over the web. There's also a rumor that Oprah has six toes, along with the picture "proving" it. It's amazing what we can do with Adobe Photoshop in touching up and modifying pics. A lot of people out there are mighty bored with too much time on their hands.
Posted by Bob_T  on  Thu Sep 11, 2008  at  01:54 PM
I am only interested by what's in between her 2 big toes
Posted by Jimbo  in  MTL  on  Mon Dec 01, 2008  at  12:12 PM
But admit it guys, she's still beautiful with or without her sixth toe.
Posted by Davis  in  United States  on  Thu Jun 04, 2009  at  12:37 PM
eww i think thats a bunyun thats sick
Posted by heather  in  usa  on  Sat Jun 13, 2009  at  08:55 PM
i love her toes lol
Posted by rat  in  america  on  Fri Jul 10, 2009  at  12:25 PM
She undoubtedly has the best feet among afro-american celebrities! Here's ultimate collection of Halle Berry's feet:

Posted by hallefan  in  istanbul  on  Thu Jan 14, 2010  at  06:06 AM
I dont care if she has six toes but Id love it if Oprah does ( i blame the state of the economy on Oprah)
Posted by pdiddy  in  MO  on  Tue Sep 21, 2010  at  09:34 PM
You know what people, who cares if she has 6 toes, toes does not define who you are, I don't care if she has 12 toes, her outter beauty is so pure and one of a kind for her frame and age. This women makes a statement everytime you see her, she is nothing but the truth, she looks better and younger than the younger ladies in the industry on any given day. And on top of that 80% of the time even on her bad day she probably looks better than any younger lady in the industry. Everybody is not perfect, you can be close to perfect though, the media running with this trying make us think Hally Berry is not perfect or close to perfect after all with this 6 toes thing. So what if she has a extra toe, Man Ms. Berry is close to perfect as far as outter beauty goes despite the extra toe, I dont care if she has 12 toes. You know what, real talk, if a man took this picture and blew this up and all the fellas on here making a big deal about the extra toe, I bet yall will still eat fruits off her 6 toes, how about that, take that to the bank. How old is she again? Okay then, she is in her early 40's, pass her prime and still shine. Who care about the 6 toes, fellas you will still kill to spend only 6 minutes with her and her 6 toe if you could. I will depart on this note, 6 toes does not define you.
Posted by R.J Johnson  in  Washington, D.C  on  Fri Jan 14, 2011  at  05:56 AM
Was born in 1950 with 6 toes on each foot. Toe was removed from each foot at reaching 12 months of age and hospitalised for 6 months until I was able to walk. Always had problems with balance and running - my mother always claimed they removed the wrong toes!!
Came about from medication my mother was prescribed during her pregnancy. I have a photo (somewhere) of myself as a baby with 6 toes prominent to view.
I am a total fan of Halle, but only realised this evening that we may have something in common!!
Posted by Tony Snook  in  England  on  Mon Apr 23, 2012  at  03:01 PM
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