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Groping Cardinals
image Here's a photo that I received in my email (forwarded by Robert Avallone). My first impulse is to say that it looks real, though it's conceivable that someone whited out something that Jim Edmonds (on the right) was holding in his hand, making it look like he's groping Jason Marquis (on the left). I haven't been able to find any references to the photo online. Maybe this is an example of the 'Pope grope' that cardinals are said to use to check the gender of the Pope (following the Pope Joan debacle). Wait, no. Wrong type of Cardinals.
Posted by The Curator on Wed Aug 03, 2005

The bat was removed and his pants edited to look like they were pulled out.
Posted by Craig  on  Wed Aug 03, 2005  at  03:05 PM
Looks obviously Photoshopped to me - you can see how the pants are blurred and have no texture around the grope area.
Posted by Joe Mason  on  Wed Aug 03, 2005  at  04:40 PM
This photograph is a classic example of a photoshop job, a poor one at that. There is a marked amount of blurriness in the area in question. This would be characteristic of someone erasing something (as Craig said).
Posted by Matt  on  Wed Aug 03, 2005  at  06:07 PM
It's real. Jim Edmonds has been known to do this as a joke. I don't think it's too funny though. He honked the guy's horn right there in Busch Stadium in front of over 17,581 paying customers. Let some guy come to your workplace and ring your bell and see if you like it. It's real.
Posted by booch  on  Fri Aug 05, 2005  at  02:56 AM
Uhh... organized sports. Who understands them?
Posted by Reynard Muldrake  on  Fri Aug 05, 2005  at  11:18 AM
I dunno, it also looks like Edmonds is about to lean in for the kiss, too.... kiss

Looks photoshopped for sure.
Posted by Silentz  in  general  on  Sun Aug 07, 2005  at  02:56 PM
Not so sure about the "pope grope". My info is that they have a special bottomless chair in which the candidate sits while the youngest cardinal pops his head underneath for a look to check the sex (not gender: that's a property of words, not people).

The grope seems too easy to fool.

Does anyone know for sure?
Posted by Michael  in  Haywards  on  Sat Aug 27, 2005  at  01:36 AM
Who cares if its real or fake. I would would watch Jim Edmonds grab Jason Marquis anytime!! Come on you know Thats hot!!
Posted by Allison  in  MO  on  Tue Jan 03, 2006  at  01:45 PM
hahahahah allison.

it does look photoshopped, and a really bad one since its noticable
Posted by Eva  in  New york  on  Wed Mar 15, 2006  at  07:50 PM
It's not Jason Marquis, it's Craig Paquette that is #21 in that awful Photoshop job. This has been around for years on gay sites, and it's a fraud.

Really, people need to do better work if they want us to believe it.
Posted by Henry Holland  in  Los Angeles  on  Fri Nov 03, 2006  at  04:13 PM
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