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The Great Emu Scam of 2012
Indian newspapers are reporting the exposure of a major scam involving emu farming. Thousands of people were promised that in return for a modest investment in an emu farm, they soon would be earning thousands of rupees every month. They were led to believe this on the basis of the supposedly massive demand for emu meat and emu-oil cosmetics. The scam was exposed when investors realized that their monthly payments were failing to materialize. [,]
Posted by The Curator on Sun Aug 12, 2012
I thought emu farms were always a scam, even when they were legit.
Posted by George P  on  Sun Aug 12, 2012  at  07:50 PM
I've heard this pop up every so often. Ostrich farms, too.
Posted by Robin Bobcat  in  Californian Wierdo  on  Mon Aug 13, 2012  at  03:05 PM
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