Google April Fools

It's an entire search engine devoted entirely to April Fools. Put in a word and it pulls up every page related to April Fool's Day that contains that word. The Museum of Hoaxes seemed to figure prominently in the results for the few words that I picked at random, which I thought was cool. For a second I thought this was something that Google itself had created, but then I noticed the small disclaimer at the bottom: "This parody by Philipp Lenssen is unrelated to the real Google".

April Fools Day

Posted on Sun Apr 03, 2005


It seems like it's just set up to do a real google search with the words you put in + "April Fool's Day"
Posted by Razela  in  Chicago, IL  on  Thu Apr 07, 2005  at  12:26 AM
It looks like Philipp Lenssen finally got Google's attention:
Posted by Dude  in  There  on  Thu May 12, 2005  at  07:07 AM
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