Yet Another Solution for the World’s Power and Energy Needs

The GMC Holding Corporation sure isn't bashful about what it believes to be the potential market value of its new technology. According to this press release, its technology will solve the world's energy needs, providing pollution-free power to any kind of motorized product (car, boat, golf cart, etc.). And here's the best part: "The overall market value is expected to exceed a trillion dollars over the next 10 years and these estimates are more than likely to be low." Wow! A trillion dollars! I bet the stock value of the GMC Holding Corporation must be going through the roof after announcing a trillion-dollar product like that. Yup. It was up 20 cents yesterday, to end trading at $1.40. Obviously the market sees huge potential in this technology. But just what is this mysterious revolutionary technology? According to their website: "The prototype motor presented is a permanent magnet design, with the magnets suspended in an inner frame forming the rotor and multiple coils embedded in an outer frame forming the stator... The motor is designed on the known principals set forth by Nikola Tesla." Magnetic coils? Tesla? Oh, I understand now. It's another perpetual motion machine.

Free Energy

Posted on Thu Dec 09, 2004


Since the government is slow at solving our energy problems, we need a brave company like this to spring forward, step up to the plate and put together a great battle plan. Hopefully no bureaucrats will come in and try to stop them. I think Obama will be on their side, because I think we're tired of giving away billions per year for oil to terrorist countries that wanna blow us up anyway.
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"Solution for the World
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