Glued to the toilet

Abduction hoaxes are very common (in which a person runs away and then claims they were abducted), as are hate-crime hoaxes (in which a person falsely claims to have been a victim of a hate crime), but this is the first potential superglue hoax that I've heard of.

The details: a woman was found glued to a toilet seat in a Georgia mall, and police now suspect she must have glued herself to the seat, because they reviewed the mall's video footage and didn't see anyone else who had recently entered the restroom within enough time to have done it. [Augusta Chronicle]

Posted on Mon Dec 09, 2013


Superglue dries in seconds. Any other glue would take some time to dry, but I'm sure it would be noticeable.
Posted by Mr R  on  Tue Dec 10, 2013  at  01:53 AM