Giant Jellyfish

Status: Probably fake
image Peter Wenker sent along this picture of a giant jellyfish. He doesn't think it's real, and I'd agree. I know that giant jellyfish do exist, such as the ones that recently appeared off the coast of Japan, but those were about the size of a washing machine, not the size of a truck. I've never heard of a jellyfish this big. So is this picture another product of Worth1000?

Update: Accipiter found a version of this same photo minus the diver, which would seem to indicate that the version with the diver has been photoshopped. (Unless it was the diver who was photoshopped out, but that seems very unlikely to me... [Wait a second, on a closer look it does seem that something might have been removed from the version without the diver. This will require more investigation.] ) The page he linked to also had some interesting jellyfish trivia, such as "The largest jellyfish ever found was a lion’s mane, with a bell 2m (7ft) across, and tentacles extending more than 35m" and "A collection of jellyfish is known as a smack."


Posted on Fri Jun 09, 2006


I'm not sure if the photo with the diver is real, but is the photo that hasn't a diver is photoshoped from the one with the diver. Look well at the photo without a diver,you can see his bag between the tentacles.

Also, the photo with the diver has a few more tentacles than the photo without the diver. It could be easy to add a diver to the image, but it's not so easy to add tentacles that match with the image.
Posted by QP  on  Tue Apr 08, 2008  at  09:36 AM
i think this image is fake... but the people who made it did a pretty good job of making it "look"
Posted by kiarra  in  Wisconsin  on  Tue Apr 29, 2008  at  07:27 AM
People say that part of the "camera" is visible on the "real" version, but when you compare them, it is not in the same place! On the "real" version it is slightly lower and to the right.

So why would anyone trying to get the diver off the image move the "camera" closer to the jelly and leave part of it there? And why would they do such a "horrible" job to cover up the diver, yet manage to add realistic looking bubbles and other background noise?
Posted by DontAsk  on  Tue May 20, 2008  at  09:12 PM
that thing is huge i think thats rockn japan has huge jallyfish not many in taxas
Posted by istevan heredia  in  texas  on  Tue Aug 12, 2008  at  06:15 PM
this is real. the only thing fake is the person, which was not very well photoshopped in. they had thsi on the discovery channel and it was the same thing but w/ out the diver smile
Posted by William Thomas  on  Mon Sep 29, 2008  at  09:41 AM
If you read the top item on that page, it gives some report of a giant jellyfish, so who knows.
Posted by cryptochick  on  Fri Oct 10, 2008  at  01:06 PM
I came across this picture several times today by serching pictures for a project i am working on. Due to the fact that i work with photoshop a lot, i will compare the 2 pics in detail now in PS and tell u the result wink
Posted by Darky  in  The Outer Limits  on  Mon Oct 27, 2008  at  02:02 AM
Ok i checked both pictures, and the result is a quite funny one xD
the picture WITHOUT the diver, is a fake, the chunk that looks strange matches perfect the camera of the diver, i've resized both and did 2 layers over each other so i could easily see that its a 100% match (btw. the faker did a bad job by using the clone stamp tool on such a fine thing like the tentacles).
the other picture is very strange to be honest, the diver has a minor light blue/green line around him that u see with extreme zoom (could be from getting pasted in, or the cam that did the picture was a bad one and didn't get the contrast between him and the water correctly). The color of the diver also doesn't really match the rest of the picture, but nobody knows the light at this moment under water. Not 100% sure, but if its a fake its done not bad, although a faker of that skill would have corrected the diver color i think....
Posted by Darky  in  The Outer Limits  on  Mon Oct 27, 2008  at  02:23 AM
Definitely Photoshopped...probably a big jellyfish as it is, but zoomed in quite a bit and a diver inserted in there...looked good at first though smile
Posted by Josh K  on  Wed Oct 29, 2008  at  09:15 PM
I think some people need to start watching the discovery channel and the animal planet. If they did they would know that we still have things that are so upredicatbale and mysterious things out there. They would also know that we are still discovering things we have never seen or even heard of before. I believe that the jelly fish is reall!

Posted by nicole  in  Florida  on  Thu Dec 18, 2008  at  09:00 AM
how do you known it isn't real? Just because no one saw a jellyfish so big doesn't mean they don't exist. Just like the Lobsters after the Tsunami that landed on the islands of India (they were couple feet long)
Posted by wolf  in  United States  on  Sat Dec 20, 2008  at  05:57 PM
did you watch i-max deep sea? I dident think so, cause they tell you there are huge jellies. This dosent mean this pic is real, i have know idea
Posted by nathan  in  usa  on  Wed Mar 25, 2009  at  03:48 AM
nice jellyfish, if they are in huge numbers why don't we have a fish atthem and tell Japen toive the whales a break? mad fish though
Posted by hehaheha  on  Fri Jun 19, 2009  at  07:31 PM
im pretty sure the lions mane can grow to that size but personally i think this perticualur photo is faked
Posted by blagagaagaga  on  Fri Aug 21, 2009  at  03:24 AM
Posted by Tisha Gacias  in  Puerto Rico  on  Sun Nov 22, 2009  at  05:15 AM
The diver was definitely photoshoped OUT OF the second photo. Just look close at the photo without the diver and look for the thing the diver is holding, you can see it. Also, the job of removing the diver was actually not very well done, look at the color difference (although it could be mistaken as just different color water, it's not because of the shape).

On the other hand, the one with the diver could also be fake (as in, someone took the jellyfish, added a diver and then someone else took the fake pic and removed the diver...)
Posted by matt  on  Wed Mar 24, 2010  at  02:20 PM
the one without the diver is shopped for sure the area where the diver would be has too many suspicious things about it.

as to the diver the only problem i can find is that the lighting doesn't seem quite right, there should be a bit more light on top of him or her. but it's hard to say for sure lighting underwater is weird and the shadow of their boat could always be covering the diver.

I'll agree that a jelly this much bigger than the record should have made news but if the people that found it were amateurs and the only documentation of it was this photo. it's easy to call it a hoax and dismiss it since finding it again would be nigh impossible. If scientists had found it and thoroughly documented it then it would surely make news as a confirmed record. the current record holder was washed up on shore so it was hard to deny it's existance.
Posted by Viking  in  AZ  on  Sat Mar 27, 2010  at  10:03 PM
it is a real picture not photoshoped but mysterious though
Posted by jakjak9  on  Sun Jul 18, 2010  at  10:01 AM
second one is photoshopped. i dont know about the first one, but its not photoshopped from the second pic
Posted by jezz  on  Fri Apr 08, 2011  at  07:07 AM
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