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Giant Creme Egg Crushes Car
I'm sure this can't be real. Is it, perhaps, an ad for Cadbury's creme eggs?

Posted by The Curator on Thu Oct 11, 2007

This was one of a series of adverts that ran on ITV in the UK earlier this year.
Posted by Dave Rattigan  in  Liverpool, England  on  Thu Oct 11, 2007  at  06:17 AM
What? That's totally real. What's wrong with you?
Posted by Sakano  in  Ohio  on  Thu Oct 11, 2007  at  09:47 AM
Dave is correct. They were used in the sponsorship slot in Coronation Street (a popular UK soap)
Posted by Brian  on  Thu Oct 11, 2007  at  03:13 PM
I always knew those things were dangerous!
Posted by Tru  in  Other Words  on  Thu Oct 11, 2007  at  06:48 PM
Yeah, it's an add, I've seen on my television contraption.
Posted by Nameless  in  London, marshmellow land  on  Fri Oct 12, 2007  at  11:12 AM
I have just one question.

What does the phrase in Arabic at the start actually say?
Posted by D F Stuckey  in  Auckland New Zealand  on  Sun Oct 28, 2007  at  07:22 AM
"What does the phrase in Arabic at the start actually say?"
It says this is the glorious weapon we shall use against the western pig-dog infidels.
Posted by Abdullah Al Achbar el Akhtar 3rd  in  Zim Zim Salla Bim  on  Mon Dec 17, 2007  at  06:52 AM
AH, effendi, I am sure you are deceiving this poor infidel - but it amuses me nonetheless.
Posted by DFStuckey  in  AUckland New Zealand  on  Mon Dec 17, 2007  at  08:32 AM
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