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George Lutz of Amityville Horror fame has given up the ghost. He died of a heart attack in Las Vegas on May 8. George and his family lived in the house in Amityville, New York for four weeks in 1975 before supposedly being driven out of it by repeated paranormal occurrences (weird sounds and voices, green slime dripping from the ceiling, etc.) They left the house in a hurry, but weren't so scared that they weren't able to return and hold a garage sale. Personally I think the Amityville Horror story is complete baloney, but reportedly George Lutz always swore what happened was real. But then, he had so much invested in the tale (both emotionally and financially) that he would swear it was real. (Thanks to Joe for the link.)

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Posted on Fri May 12, 2006


Kevin is either wrong or just a flat out liar. He's posted so many inaccuracies in this conversation I wouldn't even know where to begin.
Posted by Jeff  on  Sat Apr 24, 2010  at  01:28 AM
As far back as I know in 1974 Ronald DeFeo killed his entire family and it was all over Newsday Paper. I moved around on the Island so many times. I'm out here on the Island 36 years and that is how long Ronald and Louise DeFeo and there children are gone as well. 36 long Years.
George Lutz passed away in 2006 and his wife Cathy is gone to. If by any chance any one living at 112 now 108 Ocean Avenue has never said that the house is haunted and it is not at all. Brian Wilson who lives at the house said that there is no way that the house is not haunted at all. Now you people get over it and move on. The only thing that was taken by a photo is that of Marc Defeo a little boy Image by an open door to a bedroom to an outside hallway by the steps was taken on one of the photo's little Marc Image appers on this photo and as clearly it is on this photo is that of little Marc blown out face is all black. Look clearly close at this photo it is Marc unrested ghost image this is scary. Leave the Wilson's alone people.
Posted by Joseph Friscia  in  Medford, Long Island N.Y. 11763  on  Sun Jun 06, 2010  at  09:04 PM
Wow, Joseph, that was an almost incomprehensible post. As to this screwball Kevin in Doylestown, he claims to be a writer but his spelling and grammar are atrocious! LOL Reading his posts makes it impossible to believe that anybody with any serious reputation would publish something he wrote. It would be kind of amusing to give a rundown of his many errors, but that would probably be boring, so...
As to the AH story itself, it was pure hokum. The program "Is It Real?" on the National Geographic Channel stated that George Lutz had admitted later in his life that he had made somewhere around $400,000 on the story through the years.
But, people will still want to believe in the story, so I imagine they always will. What was it P.T. Barnum said?
Posted by P. Lindsay  in  WPB, FL  on  Thu Sep 23, 2010  at  01:26 AM
I did not know that all these people had died. I have always been interested in the Amityville house though. Not long after the first movie came out, we went to the house. No one was living there at the time. We took some pictures, but I just got the creeps and couldn't even go onto the property. I believe there is something really evil there.
Posted by home work  on  Wed Jul 13, 2011  at  09:35 PM
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