Game Show Sting

If you're a wanted criminal you may want to think twice about showing up to appear on a TV game show. British police created a fake game show, Great Big Giveaway Show, to which they invited twenty people on their wanted list. Seventeen of them were arrested. I guess no one can resist a chance to be on TV. (Thanks to Andrew Nixon for the link)

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Posted on Tue Oct 05, 2004


I've heard of this kinda deal being run by other cops all over the world, actually, for quite some time. Some of them run fake lotteries, send flyers for shopping sprees, and the like.

You'd think folks would catch on to this sort of thing after a while, but apparently criminals ain't gettin' any smarter. =D
Posted by Jim North  on  Wed Oct 06, 2004  at  03:10 AM
My favorite is when cable and satellite providers transmit fake give aways during pay-per-view events, e.g. "Thanks for purchasing UFC XIII, call 1-800-URA-DBAS for your free T-Shirt."
Posted by Kaitain  on  Wed Oct 06, 2004  at  06:58 AM
Didn't anyone see "Hot Stuff"?

Dom Delouise, et al??
Posted by coit  on  Wed Oct 06, 2004  at  09:42 AM
URA-DBAS= 871-3227
Posted by john  on  Wed Oct 06, 2004  at  03:23 PM
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