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The return of the Kingswinford Hoaxer?
A notice recently posted on the door of a "small building" in the village of Kingswinford has announced that the pub chain Wetherspoons will soon be opening a "Microspoons" mini-bar there, to be staffed by "a person of reduced height." The bar will only have room for 3 people (height restrictions will apply). It will only serve 1 lager, and entertainment will consist of "Sky Sports on 3-inch microscreen." The pub will be called "The Shorter Arms."

Wetherspoons itself has denied any knowledge of this new bar. The Stourbridge News speculates that the sign marks the return of the Kingswinford Hoaxer, who was active about a decade ago.

Some of the Kingswinford Hoaxer's past stunts included circulating reports of a two-headed pheasant on the loose, as well as "a crocodile taking up residence in King George VI Park" and "plans being unveiled for a mega gypsy site in the village."

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Posted by The Curator on Mon Sep 29, 2014
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