Frenchman Collides Sacredly with Nessie

Frenchman Don Jean Habrey, whose stage name is Hors Humain (beyond human), has announced his intention to embark on a "sacred collision with Nessie." Specifically, he plans to dive into Loch Ness and "breathe with the monster to send ultimate breathing to the world of childhood.”

Later, he'll make a Christmas Eve visit to the Loch and "conjure the mythical creature from the loch, with chants, drumming, burning flares and bonfires round the shore."

“Nessie will breathe golden pearls for all the children from the earth, this endangered innocence that badly needs air.
“A boat equipped with a sound system will air the great organs of Notre Dame de Paris on the waves of the loch and the oratorios by Mozart, Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach will resound, together with the Hors Humain’s chants and kettledrums.”

I'm sad that I'm going to miss it.

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Posted on Thu Sep 18, 2008


That's so bizarre. What do golden pearls have to do with children and Nessie breathing?
Posted by Sakano  on  Sat Sep 20, 2008  at  03:49 PM
Raving weirdos can be just so adorable sometimes. . .
Posted by Accipiter  on  Sat Sep 20, 2008  at  07:15 PM
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