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Free Champagne
A new variation of the email tracing hoax has been spotted. Instead of promising that Bill Gates or AOL will send you money if you forward their email, this message promises that you'll get champagne. Here's the email:

Greetings Champagne Lovers!!
Send this message to 10 people, with a copy to
Veuve Clicquot France will contact you in order to deliver you a case of
champagne in three weeks. They are doing this in order to enlarge their
database. It does work and you receive six bottles in 15 days. Salut a tous
les amoureux du champagne

Unfortunately Veuve Clicquot has already posted a warning message on their website about the hoax, so there's absolutely no chance that it's real. (via Fermentations)
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Posted by The Curator on Mon Feb 14, 2005

Surely anybody at Veuve Clicquot would know that there are 12 bottles in a case.

So yeah, it's a very obvious hoax.
Posted by Big Gary C  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Tue Feb 15, 2005  at  12:32 PM
On second thought, you wouldn't even need to know the number of bottles in a case in order to realize that three weeks is not 15 days. You like to see hoaxers put a little more effort into it than this.
Posted by Big Gary C  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Tue Feb 15, 2005  at  12:34 PM
Wow, that's pretty old. I first got it about 3 years ago.
Posted by Beth  on  Tue Feb 15, 2005  at  05:33 PM
just to be pedantic...a case can be 6, but is more often than not 12. 15 days is 3 weeks, no one works on weekends, esp delivery ppl. raspberry
Posted by Dee  in  UK  on  Tue Sep 06, 2005  at  04:06 PM
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