Fox News Falsifies Footage of Protest

Fox News reminds me of William Randolph Hearst. They're no longer even trying to be subtle about falsifying the news. In particular, the latest from Fox News reminds me of something Hearst's New York Mirror did back in 1932. Here (in the words of Curtis MacDougall) is the 1932 incident:

In 1932 the New York Mirror ran a picture allegedly of hunger marchers storming Buckingham Palace in London. It was revealed that the scene actually was of a 1929 crowd gathered anxiously during the illness of King George V.

And here's what Fox News did recently, in the words of the Huffington Post:

The tea party protests continued last week, as Congresswoman Michele Bachmann held an anti-health-care-reform rally on the steps of the Capitol. While she estimated that 20,000-45,000 people attended the event, the Washington Post reported it was actually more like 10,000.
Still, that is a sizable number of Americans exercising their right to free speech and assembly, and that warrants news coverage. But Sean Hannity and his team did more than cover the event. They not only inflated the number in attendance with their words, but actually used footage from a heavily-attended protest this summer to make this health care rally appear more popular. Hannity even pointed out that this was a huge crowd for a Thursday, when the protest footage they used was from a Saturday.
Jon Stewart and his team caught this discrepancy and ran with it, pointing out neither the color of the leaves nor sky in the tacked-on video matched that of the actual footage.


Posted on Wed Nov 11, 2009


And MSNBC uses old footage of Rush Limbaugh, when he was very overweight, in stories about him today. Such an obvious cheap ploy on their part - make people you disagree with look bad, literally. Very low class.

Of course, unlike Fox, they do not have the integrity to acknowledge when they make a mistake, as Fox did in this case.
Posted by Bruce  on  Fri Feb 12, 2010  at  12:10 PM
"And MSNBC uses old footage of Rush Limbaugh, when he was very overweight, in stories about him today"

You mean the footage taken from his tv show that has him speaking those segments on the air that msnbc and others do a story about?

Sorry he is and always will be a lard ass. They don't use old footage at all.

Fox didn't apologize. They didn't show what they had done and it was guess it only one of a hundred incidents in which they lied about matters. The Acorn footage for example is edited not only out of context but with voice overs hiding what was really said in the shown segments and btw the pimp guy and his supposed hooker where not dressed in those getups in the acorn offices. You have numerous incidences of Glen Beck making stuff up.

It would take a full year to detail and document all of the fox news lies.
Posted by tootired  on  Fri Feb 12, 2010  at  12:15 PM
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