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Forensic Astrology
What would Grissom have to say about this: Forensic Astrology

Forensic Astrology is the art of using Horary and Birth Charts in combination to determine the nature of events as they occurred in unsolved crimes and missing persons cases.

In its defense, I'm sure the guy gets results that are just as good as those psychics who try to solve crimes.
Posted by The Curator on Thu Feb 05, 2009

you mean Grisham, the legal thriller author, not Grissom, the astronaut.
Posted by bookwoman  in  the library  on  Thu Feb 05, 2009  at  09:35 PM
Actually, I think he means Gil Grissom, the fictional character from CSI.
Posted by David B.  on  Fri Feb 06, 2009  at  05:06 AM
whoops! Bookwoman has been in the stacks too long and thus never watches much TV. Culpa mea!!!!
Posted by bookwoman  in  in the stacks  on  Sat Feb 07, 2009  at  02:21 PM
They did kinda cover it in an episode where Gil and Nick where using camcorder footage to triangulate where the moon was in relation to a hill over Lake Mead, NV to find the cabin that the people were being killed at. This was in the episodes that brought Lawrence Fishburne into the show. So, it'z out there! smile
Posted by Rhi  in  Somewhere Cali  on  Tue Feb 24, 2009  at  08:16 PM
thanks you very mach
Posted by Astroloji  in  Turkiye  on  Fri Apr 10, 2009  at  06:17 AM
Thank you very much...
Posted by Astroloji  in  Turkiye  on  Wed Jun 03, 2009  at  09:37 AM
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