Food Advertising vs. Reality

The German website has assembled a collection of 100 food products and compared what each one looks like, as shown on the packaging, to the actual product. In the majority of cases the difference is quite dramatic. But a few of the food products hold up pretty well in real life. For instance, the Milka chocolate bar looks almost exactly the same as it does on the packaging. But the roll (shown below) looks pretty unappetizing. has collected all the images together into an easier-to-view format.

Advertising Food

Posted on Mon Mar 24, 2008


look at that Krosser burger
Posted by eggs-treme  on  Mon Mar 24, 2008  at  10:53 PM
Wow, there's some pretty scary shit there.
Posted by Nettie  in  Perth, Western Australia  on  Tue Mar 25, 2008  at  03:01 AM
I'm quite surprised at how many items DID look like the picture on the box. I've never had a ready meal that looked as good as it did on the box, nor as big.
Posted by Nona  on  Tue Mar 25, 2008  at  07:03 AM
Wow -- really shows you the power of good lighting, expert photography, garnishes and, in some cases, out-and-out lying.

I am also surprised by the number of things that look pretty much like the photo on the box. I found myself actually rooting for those manufacturers.
Posted by Kathleen  in  Indiana, USA  on  Tue Mar 25, 2008  at  08:14 AM
I thought about doing this a while back for fast food places. Look at the sandwiches on the menu then order one. They never look the same. I was not sure if the managers would kick me out or not.
Posted by Matt  on  Tue Mar 25, 2008  at  10:46 AM
The Knorr products hold up pretty well actually 😊
Posted by MadCarlotta  in  Canada  on  Tue Mar 25, 2008  at  01:19 PM
wow.. theres a lot of things in there that reeeeally don't look very appetising when you see the actual product..
Posted by sarahearth  in  New Zealand  on  Tue Mar 25, 2008  at  02:44 PM
This happens to me a lot. I send interested parties appetizing photos of myself, and then when confronted with the real thing in person, they often seem to suffer pre-ingestion indigestion, and run like hell. Maybe I should wear more sesame seeds like in the picture. My buns are pretty stale, tho
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Tue Mar 25, 2008  at  08:12 PM
The one brand I was surprised the most with was Nadler. Those salads were grossly misrepresented.

When I visited Germany, I spent quite a while in more than one grocery store, but I haven't seen half of those products.

I will say, however, Milka chocolate is really good and I even have some in my fridge. It's actually a bit old now that I think of it...I bought more than I needed while I was there!
Posted by Jackie  on  Thu Mar 27, 2008  at  02:59 PM
As far my personal opinion, i hate those fake advertisement which really sucks. Seriously when they show in television it would appear as if it has very good quality and quantity but actually when you buy it. You will notice that it is not a real one has telecasted.
Posted by hinduja  on  Sun Jul 13, 2008  at  11:39 PM
Well its a common phenomena you dont usually get what they advertise.Its something which should be taken care of so that we can get what we see
Posted by recipes  on  Wed Jul 23, 2008  at  10:37 PM
That is why I never by anything based on packaging. The only part of the package I pay attention to is the nutritional facts. Never expect the picture. Ever been to a fast food restaurant? They have glamor shots up on the boards but what you get is flat, lopsided, and lacks the glow that you see in the photos.
Posted by Bowtrol Cleanser  on  Sun Aug 24, 2008  at  02:48 PM
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