Floral Sculpture Clinic

floralI'm not sure if this is real or fake. The Floral Sculpture Clinic says that it will implant bone tissue sculpted into the shape of a flower beneath your skin. The result will be a visibly raised bony pattern on your skin. If real, it's very strange.
Update: Boing Boing reports that the Floral Sculpture Clinic is indeed a hoax. It's part of a conceptual art project dreamed up by the Dutch artist Simone Van Bakel. The images of the inserted implants are photoshopped.

Body Manipulation

Posted on Wed Jan 14, 2004


This particular story may be a hoax but skin implants are possible (with teflon and silicon). For example, the horn implants of Enigma (http://www.humanmarvels.com/)and genital beading (http://encyc.bmezine.com/?genital_beading).
Posted by Mary  on  Thu Jul 01, 2004  at  06:04 PM
Awesome story!!!
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