Fart Bombs

image Hong Kong officials have pulled from store shelves a gag gift named the 'Fart Bomb' because the toy not only does exactly what it promises (produces a giant cloud of stench), but it also causes nausea, headaches, and eye irritation. Just imagine what schoolkids could do if they got their hands on these things. Thanks to Gary for finding this story. As he points out, it may not be the worst toy idea ever, but it's definitely in the top 100. But hey, it looks like you can buy fart bombs on the internet.


Posted on Tue Dec 28, 2004


Waaay back in 1987, my nephew's gave me a birthday gift that they said best reminded them of me. It was an aerosol can of Fart Spray, made by Scentimental Inc., of Elmont NY. Even after 17 years, there is still pressure in the can, and several ounces of "Fart juice" left, due, no doubt, to the fact that I've only discharged the contents in small blasts on only a handful of special occasions. This stuff reeks, and will cling your clothes, nose, hair, wear, and furniture. I've often thought of taking it with me to church, or a chorus concert, but I decided to save it, hoping a better reason than pranksterism will present itself, like an inauguration. (No, Secret Service guys, I'm not coming to Washington with my Fart Spray, and I won't mail it. It's mine, and you can't have it.)
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Tue Dec 28, 2004  at  09:45 AM
Hmm...maybe it's get's 'better' with age. (Better, being stronger...)
Posted by Maegan  on  Tue Dec 28, 2004  at  01:00 PM
There's no way to tell. Even if I made the next post a scratch-and-sniff post, the readers wouldn't have any point of reference to tell if it still stinks as bad as it did in 1987. I'd have to smell it myself, and I refuse. If enough people ask for it, though, I will download it onto a sctratch-and-sniff post, seeing as how I had the foresight to hitch it up to a usb cable a couple of years ago. Be prepared, that's my motto.
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Tue Dec 28, 2004  at  02:11 PM
Hairy, do you have any idea what that half empty can of smellies would bring on ebay?!
Posted by Darren  on  Wed Dec 29, 2004  at  08:14 AM
No way would I sell my Fart Spray. One can't part with one's farts if one's farts are part of a gift. Besides, it so well compliments my framed copy of the flexible 45rpm vinyl insert from my old MAD magazine. You know the one- "It's A Gas", sung by Alfred E. Neuman. I love that one.
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed Dec 29, 2004  at  04:46 PM
I still remember throwing a stink bomb in a computer programming class in 7th grade. That class stunk in more ways than one!!! Got busted, but not much but the smell came of it.
Posted by sbnature  on  Wed Dec 29, 2004  at  05:26 PM
>>>Hairy, do you have any idea what that half empty can of smellies would bring on ebay?!<<<

Especially if it's haunted!

Ba-dum-bum! Thank you, I'll be here all week, tip your waitresses....
Posted by Barghest  on  Thu Dec 30, 2004  at  01:02 AM
Hey, we have these in Australia at joke stores. Quite useful for getting even with the neighbours.
Posted by Soldant  on  Fri Dec 31, 2004  at  02:42 AM
They sell those at my county fair... Those are awesome, best way to get banned from rides...
Posted by Elvis  on  Fri Dec 31, 2004  at  01:06 PM
Remind me never to live in Soldant's neighborhood.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Fri Dec 31, 2004  at  03:59 PM
Why get fart spray when you have the natrual stuff. Sevreal times I've farted bad ones and blamed them on the dogs.
Posted by Dany  on  Sun Jan 02, 2005  at  03:55 PM
No human or canine flatulence can match the wretched odor of my Fart Spray. I'm not sure what they used, but this stuff is mean enough to chase away a skunk. I discharged a bit in the house some years ago, and the odor remained for days. Guess there's not too much chance any stupid teenager could get high on this aerosol as an inhalant. They'd puke their lungs out before they could get any buzz. Hardcore Huffers only
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Mon Jan 03, 2005  at  10:34 AM
Maybe also bad smells can be in the mind? I stumbled on this site, http://www.thisismyfart.com and I was sure I could smell a fart. Do you think the internet can transmit smells yet?
Posted by Anon  on  Tue Jan 17, 2006  at  11:47 PM
i like the silent but deadly... liquid ass myself.

no bang just a lot of stench.
Posted by eljay  on  Mon Aug 06, 2007  at  10:32 PM
Just got back from Cradley Heath and set off two stink bombs on a train, boy it was a packed train as well!!
Posted by Fartman  on  Sat Jul 26, 2008  at  03:43 PM
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