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Need a fake note from a doctor to get a day off from work or school? Visit this doctor.
Update: If you've arrived here via Google, or some other link, realize that I can't actually provide anyone with a fake doctor's note. I simply linked to an article about a guy who was writing fake notes, and because of that my site is now #1 on google when you type 'fake doctor notes'. I have no idea where fake doctor notes can be obtained.


Posted on Thu Jun 26, 2003


i don't want to go to school.
Posted by Nadia  on  Mon Feb 20, 2006  at  03:37 PM
i need a doctors note for school to excuse me Jan-01-2006....Feb-06-2006.....Feb-15-2006.
thank you for the help
Posted by Aaron McClure  in  Cocoa Florida  on  Tue Feb 21, 2006  at  09:59 AM
I need a doctors note excusing me from school Jan. 31 thru feb.6. I had the flu but I don't have insurance so I don't go to the doctor. I need this ASAP thanks
Posted by Thomas Cassidy  in  Orlando, FL  on  Tue Feb 21, 2006  at  02:25 PM
I need a doctors note ASAP. Excusing me from school from Jan. 31 till Feb. 6 with the flu. thanks
Posted by Tom Cassidy  in  Orlando, FL  on  Tue Feb 21, 2006  at  02:40 PM
she sick and cant go to school
Posted by linda  in  National city  on  Tue Feb 21, 2006  at  08:45 PM
I need a doctors excuse for my hernia.
Posted by Erich Zlomek  in  Alfred  on  Wed Feb 22, 2006  at  08:12 AM
I need a doctor note for 2/22/06, 24 hour stomach virus please
Posted by Jeff Wood  in  Bryant, AR  on  Wed Feb 22, 2006  at  10:03 AM

HOLY S***!!!!
Posted by Carter S  on  Wed Feb 22, 2006  at  12:33 PM
need a notefor 23 toothache
Posted by Kim  on  Fri Feb 24, 2006  at  02:27 AM
need a note for 2/23 toothache
Posted by Kim Payne  on  Fri Feb 24, 2006  at  02:38 AM
I need a doctor's excuse stating I need to be excused from class on 2/24/06 for pink eye.
Posted by Regina White  in  Atlanta, Georgia  on  Fri Feb 24, 2006  at  03:21 AM
I need a doctor's note saying that I had a stomach virus and couldn't come into class on Feb. 24th.
Posted by Alex Buchanan  on  Fri Feb 24, 2006  at  10:43 AM
I need a letter or hospital form stating I was in a car accident, being taking care at:

Eisenhower Armt Medical Center
300 Hospital Road
Fort Gordon, GA 30905

Dates need to be from 2/21-2/28 of 2006
Posted by Nehem Brown  in  Savannah  on  Sat Feb 25, 2006  at  11:54 AM
I need a doctors note saying why i missed work today, diagnosed with acute pressure or something like that by way of vain artiery under the tounge.

Thanks T
Posted by Teddy Xavier  in  DC  on  Sun Feb 26, 2006  at  03:40 PM
I need a doctors not excusing me from class on Feb. 27 due to doctor checkup
Posted by Jessica Biron  in  woonsocket, RI  on  Mon Feb 27, 2006  at  11:10 AM
i need to be excused from work due to severe congestion and fever.
Posted by joshua kolozsy  in  clarksville, tn  on  Mon Feb 27, 2006  at  12:36 PM
I need a Doctors note excusing me from work from Jan 31 06 - March 7 06 Any help would be greatly appreicated I am about to lose my job
Posted by bigg1954  on  Tue Feb 28, 2006  at  12:35 AM
need a note excuse thomas from school mon and tues feb 27n 28 for high fever able to return wed
Posted by thomas wrazien  in  tampa fl  on  Tue Feb 28, 2006  at  01:25 PM
Hi, I need a doctor's note stating that i missed 3 weeks of class because i had an abortion
Posted by Lynette Huff  in  Philadelphia, PA  on  Wed Mar 01, 2006  at  05:54 PM
I need an excuse from work for March 2,2006, due to a stomach virus, i was taken care of McCloud Medical Center in Florence South Carolina
Posted by Corey Brunson  in  Bishopville, South Carolina  on  Thu Mar 02, 2006  at  02:09 PM
I need a note excusing me from any physcial activites Wednesday to Monday March 1st to March 6th. The reason would be I had the flu. Need asap because i will be kicked off my team if not. PLease and Thank you!
Posted by Sydney Lay  in  Tulsa, Oklahoma  on  Thu Mar 02, 2006  at  07:33 PM
Hi, I need a note saying i had food poisoning on 3/2/06 and on 3/3/06. I really need this asap cause they will kick me out of school if they are not excussed.
thanks so much,
maria pimienta
Posted by Maria Pimienta  in  phoenix arizona 85022  on  Fri Mar 03, 2006  at  12:46 PM
to whom this may concern, chris carr arrived at the north little rock hospital on march 3,2006.he was here along with his father,his father is suffering from internal injuries.
Posted by chris carr  in  jonsboro,ar  on  Sat Mar 04, 2006  at  02:40 PM
Note for Sprained ankle (right ankle); strained medialaterral tendon.
Posted by William Riley  in  Tempe, AZ  on  Sun Mar 05, 2006  at  02:13 PM
I need a note saying i cant take gym class because of my shoulder>
Posted by Nena  in  Smyrna, De  on  Sun Mar 05, 2006  at  06:23 PM
doctors note for a cold
Posted by Caroline Di Lullo  in  Dorval  on  Mon Mar 06, 2006  at  03:38 PM
I need a note for yesterday March 7th due to a checkup. Thankyou
Posted by Jessica Pantucci  in  Milford Pa  on  Wed Mar 08, 2006  at  12:26 PM
I need a doctors note saying i had an ear infection for the 7th and 8th of march, 2006
Posted by Kacie  on  Wed Mar 08, 2006  at  12:53 PM
I need a doctors note stating that I was under his care on Thursday March 9, 2006.
Posted by Clint DuPerry  in  Pembroke Pines, FL  on  Thu Mar 09, 2006  at  01:20 PM
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but i actually give
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Posted by cool  on  Sun Mar 12, 2006  at  03:59 AM
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