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Need a fake note from a doctor to get a day off from work or school? Visit this doctor.
Update: If you've arrived here via Google, or some other link, realize that I can't actually provide anyone with a fake doctor's note. I simply linked to an article about a guy who was writing fake notes, and because of that my site is now #1 on google when you type 'fake doctor notes'. I have no idea where fake doctor notes can be obtained.


Posted on Thu Jun 26, 2003

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I need a doctors note saying that I had a slight case of pink eye. After one day of draining my right eye it's okay to go back to work. Say that it's okay for me to go back to work by Wednsday. Also state that it's not contagious anymore since i kept cleaning it.

Mainly stress that it's okay for me to go back to work by Wednsday!

thank you
Posted by Sophia Kim  in  243 Wardwell Avenue, Staten Island New york, 10314  on  Tue Dec 07, 2004  at  02:42 PM
I need to be excused from school November 30-December 4 due to upper respiratory infection.
Posted by Marquisha Paul  in  Frankfort, KY  on  Tue Dec 07, 2004  at  03:03 PM
I need a doctors note for missing work Sunday Dec. 5 to Tuesday Dec. 7. I was in the hospital for pneumonia and forgot the note at my parents house.
Posted by Jennifer B. Wilson  in  Cumberland, MD  on  Tue Dec 07, 2004  at  05:38 PM
I need a Doctor's Note saying that i was unable to take a test on tuesday november 23 2004 and had a appiontment on that tuesday.

with bronchitis
Posted by Henry Ureh  in  4466 Fillmore Street, Santa Clara, Ca, 95054  on  Tue Dec 07, 2004  at  05:41 PM
I need a Doctor's Note saying that i was unable to take a test on Tuesday november 23 2004 and had a appiontment on that tuesday. with bronchitis
Posted by Henry Ureh  in  4466 Fillmore Street, Santa Clara, Ca, 95054  on  Tue Dec 07, 2004  at  05:45 PM
I need a note from a doctor saying that I died on November 18. My employer is wondering why I have not been showing up lately, and I think that death would be a good medical excuse.
Posted by BugbearSloth  in  earth  on  Tue Dec 07, 2004  at  08:27 PM
Alex, I need a doctors note saying that I have come down with a really bad case of Hoaxitis!
Posted by Myst  on  Wed Dec 08, 2004  at  02:51 AM
I need a Dr.'s Note. I'm sick of working. Symptons: Headache, stress, fatigue, answering the phone for the 100th time.
Cure: Getting the Hell out of here!
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Wed Dec 08, 2004  at  10:50 AM
Dear Doctor,

Can I have disease with a name that sounds really bad but has quite nice symptoms? I need it to get a bit of sympathy from people at work. They all seem to be getting time off with babies and piles and things and I never get anything. A fortnight off would be ideal but I'll settle for a week if that's OK.
Posted by Lord Lucan  in  somewhere strange  on  Wed Dec 08, 2004  at  12:23 PM
could i have a death certificate please? any cause you like. twould really help with this little tax problem...
Posted by Nick  on  Wed Dec 08, 2004  at  07:28 PM
i need a note for school saying i had an appointmet early in the morning on wednesday dec 8 for
Posted by inna g.  on  Fri Dec 10, 2004  at  12:58 AM
I need a doctors note for Dec 11, 2004 so I can take a test on the 14th.
Posted by jason  in  louisville  on  Fri Dec 10, 2004  at  11:31 PM
To be excused from detention i need a doctors note to prove that I was at an x-ray physician to get my fingers x-rayed and my school doesnt believe me. 12-02-04
Posted by John Lauber  in  flemington  on  Mon Dec 13, 2004  at  12:06 AM
My mother got in a wreck and I need a note
Posted by Brandon Hewett  in  work  on  Mon Dec 13, 2004  at  01:51 PM
I need a note saying that i was in the hospital from sunday 12/12/04 - tuesday 12/14/04 Ive actually been ill but could not get an appointment with my doctor for another 2 weeks.
Posted by Jenny Puig  in  miami fl  on  Tue Dec 14, 2004  at  12:51 PM
Natasha visited our clinic, is recomended to refrain from vigorous, or straining activity 3days.
Posted by NatashaTerryn  in  Panama City, Fl  on  Tue Dec 14, 2004  at  03:07 PM
I need a docters not to make up a test tomorrow..
Posted by Tiffany Fasold  in  Three Rivers  on  Wed Dec 15, 2004  at  02:52 AM
Dear Doctor,

I need a doctor's note that excuses me from practice. it has to say that i have food poisoning. i really need it asap. thank you
Posted by Odiri Amadu  in  Prospect, Ct  on  Wed Dec 15, 2004  at  10:30 AM
i need a doctor note saying that i couldnt go to school on december 14 or 15 because i had problems with my nose bleeding...by the way i had a horrible nose bleed in school so theyll believe...i just need the note
Posted by jason neal  in  Savannah, Georgia  on  Wed Dec 15, 2004  at  10:32 AM
i need a note saying that i need to rest 2-3 days dated on Dec 17 2004 because of the flu.
Posted by Ivan D'Mello  in  Jericho  on  Fri Dec 17, 2004  at  11:04 AM
I need a doctors note saying that i have the flu and need to rest for 3-4 days while takin the prescribed medecine
Posted by Sceptre20  on  Fri Dec 17, 2004  at  11:08 AM
i ditched the last 4 days of school andi need a note from a dr. saying that some reason why i couldnt attend school for those days other wise the school os telling me iwont graduate this year if i dont get a note as to why i hadnt been to school...please help
Posted by chelsea mayo  on  Fri Dec 17, 2004  at  03:16 PM
Dotord note that I am pregnant. Friday december 18th 2004
Posted by Nicole  in  Webster  on  Tue Dec 21, 2004  at  08:11 PM
I need a day off cuz I work too much! Please excuse me for Friday the 24th?
Posted by Amanda Manegre  on  Wed Dec 22, 2004  at  04:51 PM
i need a doctors release not to go back to work because i had a back injury
Posted by james flaherty  in  coos bay oregon  on  Thu Dec 23, 2004  at  08:40 PM
Dear Doctor,
i need a sick note, because my job wont give me ne years of to spnd it with my family. i requested it off almost 2 months ago, but they said that theres not enough people working. thats not fair. please send me a doctors note.
Posted by Anatoly Pikman  in  Staten island New york  on  Fri Dec 24, 2004  at  12:53 PM
I need 2 seperate notes saying that i am sick and my rooommate too. Her name is Dana. We need tonight off desperately! I'm not about to spend my New Years Eve at a restaurant serving other people drinks. I nees some myself and so does she! Thanks!
Posted by Amy Gilles  in  bowling green, KY  on  Fri Dec 31, 2004  at  03:11 PM
I need a doctors(physican release) stating i had complications within the stomach. They occured on the 27th of December...
Posted by Karimu Williams  in  Santa Anna, CA  on  Mon Jan 03, 2005  at  11:09 PM
please excuse jackie calhoun from school January 4 - 5. She was under a physicians care for breathing problems. " i need this asap. please. i'll do anything!! ""
Posted by Jackie Calhoun  in  texas  on  Wed Jan 05, 2005  at  01:53 PM
hello I need a note sayin that I can return to work and am released from the dr.'s care january the 7th. that I was suffering from strep throat thank you very much natalie
Posted by natalie worrel  in  porter oklahoma  on  Wed Jan 05, 2005  at  10:50 PM
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