Fake College Student

David Jovani Vanegas claimed to be a sophomore transfer student at Rice University. In reality he had never managed to get into Rice.

Last September, Vanegas started attending classes. He also ate in the university's cafeterias, hung out with other students, and occasionally crashed in people's dorms when he was too tired to go back to his off-campus lodgings. Vanegas appears to have been relatively friendly towards students, but didn't seem to form many lasting relationships. Hardly surprising, really.

It was Vanegas' friend Daniel Rasheed that turned him in to the police. He says he wasn't expecting such repercussions.

On September 13th 2006, Vanegas was arrested.

On the day of Vanegas's arrest, criminal trespass charges were filed against him (but later dismissed). Within the next few weeks, campus administrators alleged that Vanegas had taken close to $3,700 worth of food from Rice cafeterias. On September 28, the district attorney's office filed felony charges for aggregate theft. Bail was set at $2,000.

The reason he gave for his fake studies? He didn't get into the university, but it would have broken his mother's heart for him not to attend.

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Posted on Tue Oct 17, 2006


...At least with the governments all seeing eye on you - you might be able to win an insurance suit to prove the prick in the red Camry ran the light & not you. I bet you wouldn't be ticked off over it then.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Thu Oct 26, 2006  at  12:08 PM
This is really a sad story, how did the kid expect it could end up any differently.
Posted by Jon  in  Houston  on  Sat Oct 18, 2008  at  12:57 PM
This is a really sad story, and maybe he didn't do anything illegal, but I'm sure he still caused plenty of damage. Think of the friends who he deceived for over a year and what they must have gone through when they discovered the truth. Man is not an island...your actions have the power to impact those around you, for better or for worse.
Posted by Katie  on  Tue Nov 04, 2008  at  12:32 AM
Great!! I must say you have done a great research on this. Awesome post and i just loved reading this. I must say by writing this you have really helped me a lot.
Posted by Austin  in  France  on  Thu Mar 26, 2009  at  11:21 PM
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