Emus Going Cheap

I posted last year about India's Great Emu Scam. Thousands of people, lured in by con artists, invested in emu farms, believing they were a sure-fire way to get rich quick. But demand for emu products never materialized, and so the investors lost their money.

The fallout from all this is not only lost money, but also huge herds of homeless emus that no one can figure out what to do with. India's Revenue department is trying to sell them, but isn't finding any buyers, even though the emus are being offered for pennies on the dollar. [thehindu.com]

Posted on Thu Nov 21, 2013


Where can I buy some?
Posted by I like birds  on  Fri Nov 22, 2013  at  09:19 PM
I've met emus.

They are vile.

The only thing they're good for is stewing meat, and good f#^*ing riddance.
Posted by Richard Bos  in  The Netherlands  on  Sat Nov 23, 2013  at  06:58 AM
I'd love to have one. I wonder how much the shipping fees are...
Posted by Cliodna  in  Estonia  on  Wed Nov 27, 2013  at  12:08 PM