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Eating spaghetti while wearing a burqa
This video of a burqa-wearing woman very awkwardly trying to eat spaghetti is doing the rounds. It's titled "Why Italian Restaurants Failed in Dubai."

All you have to do to find out it's fake is read the comments on youtube, where quite a few people have pointed out that the footage comes from a British comedy show, "3 non-blondes." It's a candid-camera style show, in which the performers pull various bizarre stunts in public to see how the people around them will react. Wikipedia reports: "Ninia Benjamin, Tameka Empson and Jocelyn Jee Esien play a range of comical characters to the unsuspecting public. Varying from a fictional celebrity named Marcia Brown, to a charity worker who only wants a kiss or a hug instead of a cash donation."

I've never seen a woman eat while wearing a burqa, but I assume she would lift the fabric covering her mouth up. She wouldn't try to shove food down from the top.

Posted by The Curator on Wed Mar 19, 2008

Oh, great. Spit on the Fat Kid. Really funny.
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Thu Mar 20, 2008  at  01:33 AM
Just for the record, that's not a burqa - the women are wearing a niqab.āb
Posted by Chris  in  USA  on  Fri Mar 21, 2008  at  04:15 PM
For some reason that link didn't paste right
Posted by Chris  on  Fri Mar 21, 2008  at  04:17 PM
HAHA! Some crazy girl gave me a link to this while a discussion on "islamic oppersion" and how hard women's life turns when they wear burqa. Thanks to her not only did i shut her up with this (realizing this is a fake candid show) but i had a few laughs at it too.
Posted by Mansoor  in  Islamabad, Pakistan  on  Tue Jan 26, 2010  at  06:41 PM
It's a hoax of course - these women wouldn't eat in public.
Posted by tempo dulu  in  Indonesia  on  Thu Jul 22, 2010  at  03:54 AM
this is a clip from a hidden camera show in the UK, called 3 non-blondes. It's just one of the comedy sketches they isn't real.
Posted by Ross  in  Reading  on  Wed Jan 26, 2011  at  02:14 PM
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