Duct Tape Bikes

image Duct Tape Bikes seem to be popping up on the streets of New York. Here's one. And here's another one. I'm assuming it's some kind of prank. Somebody leaves their bike locked up in one place for too long and eventually they return to find it covered in duct tape. Or perhaps the bikes are some kind of weird art project. (via New Yorkish)


Posted on Fri Dec 17, 2004


Maybe it's a desperate attempt to discourage bicycle theft.
Posted by Big Gary C  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Fri Dec 17, 2004  at  11:37 AM
Probably an art project,I would say... smile
Posted by Evey  on  Fri Dec 17, 2004  at  12:34 PM
Those all seem to be the same bike, just in different locations.
Posted by sombrero11  in  Cleveland OH  on  Fri Dec 17, 2004  at  01:06 PM
To parrot Big Gary C, a friend of mine from NY was telling me that, while it isn't exactly commonplace, it is not unheard of for people to cover their bikes in duct tape to deter theft (this was about a year-and-a-half ago, mind you). My impression was that it was mostly to hide the quality of the bike (since most messengers don't have the time to lock it up properly), but maybe he was just pulling my leg...
Posted by mike  in  seattle  on  Fri Dec 17, 2004  at  01:54 PM
they're just protecting their bike from a terrorist attck the way our government tells us to. Not pictured: Weather stripping
Posted by mr man  on  Fri Dec 17, 2004  at  02:03 PM
Maybe they are doing it for no reason other than that duct tape rocks. I have personally made a duct tape wallet, a duct tape trench coat, and covered my bed in duct tape. If I had a bike, I would cover that with duct tape too.
Posted by Jeremy  on  Fri Dec 17, 2004  at  03:03 PM
Now all they have to do is cover it in foil, go to Chipotle, tell them it's dressed as a burrito and get one free.
Posted by Sarah  on  Fri Dec 17, 2004  at  07:55 PM
I have a duct tape wallet too, and headphones. Though the headphones have a reason, they will fall apart otherwise, and it looks cool. Duct tape rules.
Posted by Ariel  on  Fri Dec 17, 2004  at  09:10 PM
I had a ductape checkbook once. And when I was in highschool I used to cover lots of things in my bedroom with ductape.

That bike in the picture doesn't look rideable the way the wheels are taped. Are there any pictures of people riding these ductape bikes?

Also, I'm spelling it ductape, but it really should be "duct tape", I guess.
Posted by Katey  on  Sat Dec 18, 2004  at  03:14 PM
If anything, it should be 'duck tape'. It's become 'duct tape' through folk etymology - it was originally made as a waterproof seal (hence 'duck') but its more modern applications have led people to change this to 'duct'.


Jeremy, Katie, Ariel... I had no idea there was such a duck/t tape fetish scene out there.

This is truly weird.
Posted by Paul in Prague  on  Mon Dec 20, 2004  at  08:25 AM
Paul in Prague, I guess you've never seen the Duck brand duct tape prom contests...whole outfits made out of tape.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Mon Dec 20, 2004  at  11:16 AM
Posted by Paul in Prague  on  Tue Dec 21, 2004  at  03:07 AM
I am trying to make a duct tape trench coat, but a nice one, any suggestions on where I could find out how, or anyone know how, I'm gonna figure it out myself if not, just hoping to make this easier.
Posted by Sheena  on  Tue Sep 04, 2007  at  08:04 PM
To Sheena, have u finished ur duct tape trench coat? I'm trying to make a duct tape helmet, if u've figured out how, could u please let me know?
Posted by Sport Serena  in  fl  on  Fri Sep 26, 2008  at  07:04 AM
It is a fashionable way to lower resistance of air for a bicycle
Posted by Joni  in  Crimea  on  Fri Jun 18, 2010  at  02:12 AM
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