Dr. Richard Chopp (unfortunate name for a urologist)

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I would think twice (and then maybe another three or four times) before going to a urologist named Dr. Dick Chopp. I would also suspect the name had to be a joke. But it doesn't seem to be a joke. It's his real name. He works at the Urology Team, based in Austin, Texas:

Dr. Richard (Dick) Chopp is well known in the Austin community for performing Vasectomies. He also enjoys treating patients with metabolic evolution of kidney stone disease, male endocrine urology disorders, prostate disease and Peyronie's disease. He has extensive laparoscopy surgery experience, is on the transplant team and performs Living Donor Nephrectomy.

He joins that select company of other unfortunately named doctors such as Dr. Reinhardt Adolfo Fuck and Professor Chew Shit Fun.


Posted on Mon Sep 26, 2005


My mother once had a physician named Dr. Hurt. Really.
Posted by Big Gary in Dallas  on  Mon Sep 26, 2005  at  10:01 AM
A well respected surgeon in our town was named Dr. Slaughter. Quite a few names people have that I am glad I didn't go through high school with. One gal's maiden name was Sauerbutt. Probably why she got married so quickly.
Posted by martinelli  on  Mon Sep 26, 2005  at  07:31 PM
" He also enjoys treating patients with metabolic evolution of kidney stone disease, male endocrine urology disorders, prostate disease and Peyronie's disease."

Posted by aw  on  Tue Sep 27, 2005  at  06:55 AM
In London Ontario Canada, there is a dentist named Dr. Payne. There used to be a surgeon named Dr. Death. Apparently, an "e" was added to the end of the name and is pronounced "deeth".
Posted by Carrie  on  Tue Sep 27, 2005  at  07:02 AM
I received stitches once from a Dr. Bobo, and I know an ObGyn named Dr. Bush. Dick Chopp still wins though.
Posted by Daniel  on  Tue Sep 27, 2005  at  07:46 AM
My dentist's name is Dr. Moeller (pronounced molar)
Posted by spazEabE  on  Tue Sep 27, 2005  at  10:45 AM
When I was a kid, our family doctor's name was I.M. Fast.
Posted by Captain Al  in  Vancouver Island, Canada  on  Tue Sep 27, 2005  at  11:32 AM
When I was living in Ohio I saw a doctor whose name was pronounced "Check-My-Coff" but spelled in some Eastern European manner that I have forgotten. However, he was a foot doctor.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Wed Sep 28, 2005  at  12:20 PM
This really made me laugh, Alex. Thank you.
I think I laughed a bit longer someone my age should have, though.
Posted by Electra  on  Sat Oct 01, 2005  at  01:57 PM
"unfortunately named doctors such as ... Professor Chew Shit Fun."

Hey, don't knock it 'til you've tried it.
Posted by Big Gary, a little under the weather  on  Sun Oct 02, 2005  at  01:12 PM
Worked in a hospital many years...It was always fun to hear the overhead page call Dr Peter Abbott. We had a Dr. Cleaver...surgeon and a Dr. Coffin..family practice. We also had a Dr Resurrection.

Posted by Betsy  on  Sun Oct 02, 2005  at  10:02 PM
I have a gynacologist called Jeoffrey Love. Dr Love is in the house.
Posted by merve  on  Thu Oct 27, 2005  at  06:41 AM
He is my uncle, my dads brother, my dad is edward chopp, and im edward chopp jr. we call him rick but my grampa( thier dad) is richard or dick
Posted by Eddie Chopp  on  Tue Jun 20, 2006  at  09:11 PM
My dentist's name is Dr. I. M. Payne. "Open up, Fawkes!"
Posted by Meerkat  on  Wed Aug 02, 2006  at  12:43 PM
i met dr. chopp while in an eletronics store this last weekend. hes got a great sense of humor about his name and ive met several of his very satisfied clients who recommend him highly to others.
Posted by Eliza  on  Tue Sep 05, 2006  at  04:03 PM
I had a vasectomy 20 years ago...(call me snippy, but go ahead- make a few cutting remarks, if you've got the balls). The urologist who performed this procedure was a Korean doc named Dr. Saw. No lie... I asked him before he began if his first name was Rusty, but he didn't get the joke... owww...still hurts to laugh. Bastard
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed Sep 06, 2006  at  11:11 AM
Just got snipped by Dr. Chopp Friday. Every guy gets a T-shirt that on the back says "I got Chopped" in large letters. He does have a good sense of humor. He wore a camouflaged apron over scrubs so that I "Could not see him" work. Office is in swanky West Lake area of Austin for half his time. It was a nice, upscale facility. It was so comfortable there that I wouldn't mind going there every year for a vasectomy 😉
Posted by Paullee  on  Mon Jan 15, 2007  at  04:42 PM
Dr. Deathe isn't a surgeon, he's a pain management specialist; mine. And, incidentally, my dentist is Dr. Payne. My kids think it's HILARIOUS!
Posted by Brad Siemens  on  Thu Feb 28, 2008  at  10:19 PM
Dr Chopp removed my testicular cancer on Wednesday this week. He did an awesome job. I'd go to him again, and I highly recommend him to anyone in the Austin area.
Posted by Glenn  on  Fri Apr 24, 2009  at  10:38 PM
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