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As a long-time Doctor Who fan, I couldn't resist posting about this. It seems there's some phony British currency circulating around on which the Queen has been replaced by Doctor Who. The faux £10 notes bear the inscription "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of 10 satsumas." Apparently the notes were created by the BBC for use during a scene in which the Doctor causes an ATM machine to start spewing money out into the street. Instead of using real money, which would have been a bit expensive, they printed up some phony notes. But, of course, fans quickly grabbed the loose notes that were floating around. An article in the Western Mail quotes an onlooker who says: "From a distance they almost look like real notes but you'd never be able to use them in the pub." Well, you might be able to if the bartender was a Doctor Who fan. I'd give someone a beer for some Doctor Who currency (but maybe no change). I found scans of the notes on Doctor Who Online.

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Posted on Fri Jul 28, 2006


I'm not sure who the guy is in the 20 pound note, but it doesn't look like any of the ten Doctors. The 10 pound note has "DT" on it ("David Tennant"), whereas the other one says "PC".
Posted by eriC draveS  on  Fri Jul 28, 2006  at  04:27 PM
I think the man on the
Posted by Anna  on  Fri Jul 28, 2006  at  06:07 PM
The guy pictured looks like Weird Al:P

or something like that. Only one I could find of him in a wig like that.
Posted by Someone  on  Fri Jul 28, 2006  at  11:49 PM
As a truck driver for nine years, I came to realise that we have the same thing in this country (U.S. currency with your favorite Hollywood icon -even Bugs Bunny- in place of the presidential portrait. Price is outrageous for what you get, but the claim is that they ARE legal tender. The Loves truckstop here in Joplin has a whole array to chose from...
Posted by Christopher  on  Sat Jul 29, 2006  at  07:28 AM
That's the gayest looking Weird Al I've ever seen.
Posted by FlintJ  in  Florida  on  Sat Jul 29, 2006  at  08:31 AM
I know, that was the intended effect. He was pretending to be all "serious" for MTV to plug one of his albums. It was just a wig, of course, and he's back to being weird now.
Posted by Someone  on  Sat Jul 29, 2006  at  09:02 AM
"Chief Numpty" :D
I want that to be an actual position at the Bank of England so much...
Posted by Owen  on  Sun Jul 30, 2006  at  04:58 AM
Christopher, there's a grocery store here that sells bills with Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny instead of presidents, whenever those holidays roll around. They say they are legal tender, too. On close inspection, they prove to be regular dollar bills with stickers of the Easter Bunny or whomever applied to the center. I suppose this is legal tender, but it would be easy enough to make for yourself, and thus avoid paying $2 for a $1 bill.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Mon Jul 31, 2006  at  01:23 PM
Well . . . At least he's a little ginger on this one.

Now, Eccleston on a Fifty and Tom Baker on a hundred would just be perfect.😊
Posted by DFStuckey  on  Tue Aug 01, 2006  at  04:40 AM
when i lived in england (nottoo long ago) i saw notes just liked these only with the characters from "only fools and horses" a popular bbc sitcom
Posted by joeodd  on  Wed Aug 02, 2006  at  02:32 AM
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