Devirginize Marc

image This falls under the category of 'could easily be true, but seriously, you've got to be kidding.' It's Marc (if that's his real name) is 26 years old and a virgin. Or, as he puts it, "My name is Marc, and I'm a virgin... and I'm okay with it." But he's obviously not that okay with it, because he's soliciting applications from the public to help him change his situation. Maybe it's just me, but Marc looks like he's closer to his late 30s than his mid 20s. Could he be lying about his age? I immediately checked to see who the website was registered to, but it's registered anonymously through Domains by Proxy. I guess if it were my website, I'd try to stay anonymous too.

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Posted on Mon Aug 09, 2004


hahahhahahhahaha people are going to be copying him real soon. great ideas are never left single for long
Posted by john  in  NH  on  Mon Aug 09, 2004  at  10:44 PM
hmm.. it's not really that new a concept. I can think of at least two cases where someone has offered their virginity for auction on eBay, and there's a site somewhere called where some woman's friends are trying to find her a bloke even though she claims to be happy on her own <shrugs>
Posted by Nefertari  in  Australia  on  Tue Aug 10, 2004  at  01:44 AM
Hmmmm...didn't sound TOO gender specific...maybe he should contact that "Date Jesus" guy...they're both sensitive fellas...could be just what Marc is looking for...I mean, 4 women and there's something wrong with each one...yep, I think he should "Date Jesus".
Posted by Gee...  on  Tue Aug 10, 2004  at  11:24 AM
He looks gay to me. surprised
Posted by Shah  in  Singapore  on  Thu Aug 26, 2004  at  08:16 PM
Are ya sayin' that the fella doth protest too much? I can't imagine having to stay a virgin against your will. Sex abounds in this society!And how could one check, anyway? What a silly plan.
Posted by Cathouse Teri  in  Utah  on  Fri Oct 15, 2004  at  04:41 PM
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