Cyclops Kitten

Status: Real
image Ichneutron sent me a link to this picture of Cy, the Cyclops Kitten on Yahoo Photos. According to the info on Yahoo, Cy was born in Redmond, Oregon, on Dec. 28, 2005 with only one eye and no nose. He lived for one day. The other cat in the litter (there were only two) was born normal. The photo is by Traci Allen. There's no reason to think the photo isn't real. The condition is known as Cyclopia. gives this description of it:

The eyes are fused into a single enlarged eye that is placed below the nose (the nose may or may not form, if it forms it resembles a proboscis). Much of the face may be missing, such that the eye and proboscis (if present) are placed near the crown of the skull... Severe cases of cyclopia result in stillbirth or in death within a few hours of birth.

The four-eyed kitten, however, remains a hoax.

Update: I notice that quite a few people are calling hoax on this picture. But I'm keeping it listed as real. After all, it's a known form of mutation, and the photo has a source.

Update 2: And the photoshops of Cy have begun.

Update 3 (April 8, 2006): Cy's owner has sold him to the Lost Museum, a creationist museum opening soon in Phoenix, NY.


Posted on Mon Jan 09, 2006


I absolutly beleive this i remember seeing a kitten on the news born with 2 faces (not 2 heads) ...kinda hard to explain. but any way if that could happen why not this
Posted by CRAIG BARRON  in  canada  on  Wed Aug 16, 2006  at  10:38 PM
Allen was so lucky to have this miracle.
Posted by Tearzah  on  Thu Dec 28, 2006  at  04:39 PM
this picture of the Cyclops kitten IS NOT a hoax. I just had a Siamese kitten born with eyes just like this one looks to be to me.... but it had both eyes open and they were huge and red .. but it also had its intestines outside its body. I feel sick just looking at the poor thing.I'm going to have nightmares. It's a very sad deformity.. He was alive.. and lived for a couple hours too.
Posted by Tina  in  New York  on  Sun Sep 16, 2007  at  02:39 AM
that is not a cat. its a monkey.ugly too.
Posted by senorita gupalito  in  mexico  on  Sat Nov 17, 2007  at  08:55 PM
Well The First Time I Saw A Picture
Of This Kitten I Cryied It Was So Sad Nature Gone Wrong!
Sience People Should Have Tested On The Cat.
Its So Sad.
Posted by OkieokieXD292  in  South Dakota  on  Fri Oct 24, 2008  at  02:03 PM
why wouldn't you belive the lady that owned Cy?
she is probaly Crying right now that you think Cy is a fake. Mother nature brought animals like this. Cy is not the only cyclop in the world i have seen many photos of animals like this. Cy is not a monkey,and i'm discusted with ZOO weekly it's soposed to my a porn mag not writing about poor Cy (my brother reads it) they called him nasty names. Why would she say that siencest to come look at him if he was a fake? come on guys what happend to common sense oh.. thats right amercians are eating to much macdonalds and getting fat stop macdonalds and eat some salad. and dont say your not fat,because your the 1st fatest contry in the world lol
Posted by hayley  in  australia  on  Wed Oct 29, 2008  at  01:38 AM
I dont believe that is the real thing. Kittens are born with their eyes shut, unless the owners were sick and forced the eye lids open, which would tear the skin so nuuur, totally fake.
Posted by Chezmunt  in  bedfordview  on  Wed Nov 19, 2008  at  07:35 AM
I feel so sorry for this kitten downer
Posted by leah martinez  in  eagle pass memorial  on  Mon Dec 01, 2008  at  10:17 AM
Has anyone ever had their cat to give birth to a kitten with both eyes open? My cat gave birth to 4 kittens but the last one isn't doing good at all(the one with the eyes open). She does not want anything to do with it. I wish there was something I could do to help it but I know theres not. I feel so sorry for it. It was born around 5 o'clock this morning(4/9/09) and is still hanging on. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Posted by jessica  in  WV  on  Thu Apr 09, 2009  at  06:05 AM
Totally real. We had a stillborn yesterday at the shelter I work at with one eye and totally open. I have pictures to prove it
Posted by Jen  in  Niagara Falls  on  Wed Feb 09, 2011  at  05:29 PM
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