image Coydogs. Are they real creatures, or just the stuff of urban legend? As the name implies, a coydog would be a cross between a coyote and a dog. But according to Chrissie Henner, a biologist at the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, they're an urban legend. She says that "there has never been any physical evidence of a half-dog, half-coyote animal." Not that it would be impossible for the two species to mate and produce an offspring, just very unlikely. Though Henner also points out that the mating cycles of the two species differ: "Coyotes go in to heat between January and March and have pups in May or June, while dogs have their pups in winter." So if animal experts such as Henner are correct that there's no physical evidence of the existence of coydogs, then what exactly is the Sundance Coydogs site selling? Are these coyotes, or dogs that look coyote-like, or real coydogs?


Posted on Tue Dec 21, 2004


This morning (5/12/10) at 0405 in Brookline MA, I awoke from a sound sleep to the sounds of what I thought was a woman being attacked. I grabbed my pistol and headed out the front door in my underwear. I ran about half a block to discover my cat (making a god-awful noise) with a Coydog about one yard behind him. When I yelled, the Coydog popped off the sidewalk and crouched alongside the curb. The Coydog then moved to the other side of the street and continued to parallel us as I hustled my cat into the house. The Coydog stayed still for about ten seconds even after I closed my stormdoor.
The Coydog was about thirty pounds, Coyote brown in color. He had a typical coyote head but much smaller than the coyotes I have seen from my tree stand while hunting. His legs were much shorter and I would have to descrbe him as ugly, ugly ugly.
I would have shot him if he had not crossed the street.
If you still choose to maintain your delusion that Coydogs do not exist, carry on ingnorance but please do not lead others into ignorance.
Posted by Name Withheldbyrequest  on  Wed May 12, 2010  at  12:00 PM
I hate stating the obvious, but if you didn't let your cat wander around outside unattended, you wouldn't have to worry about things eating it. Predators don't kill to be evil, they kill to survive. If your pets or livestock get killed or injured because YOU let them off on their own with NO protection whatsoever, you have no one to blame but yourself!
Posted by Seijun  on  Wed May 12, 2010  at  02:26 PM
Where is sundance located?
Posted by shane  on  Sat Jun 19, 2010  at  10:43 AM
Sundance Ranch is located here....
Shows a slide show where you can see her beautiful coydogs.
Located in Oregon.....
Posted by michelle  in  california  on  Sat Jun 19, 2010  at  10:56 AM
Do you have an e-mail address, or regular address for them-The link on the web page does not work. Thanks
Posted by shane  on  Sat Jun 19, 2010  at  02:08 PM
Hi Shane,
The email address on the bottom of the page should work.
Posted by michelle  in  california  on  Sun Jun 20, 2010  at  09:33 PM
i am new to this site and have been trying to find info on coydogs. we have a female that is almost 2yrs old and everyone tells us she looks like a coyote. i have read characteristics of the coyote and other breeds of dogs and i am thinking she may be a coydog. the people we got her from said she is saintbernard, malamut, husky cross, and you can see those breeds in the parents, but not in her.....she looks nothing like mom or dad.
if anyone has information on the coydog or believe they own one or have owned one in the past....your help would be greatly appreciated in helping us determine if we do infact have a coydog or not.
our vetrinarian said there may be a possibility but chances are very slim.

Posted by tanya  on  Tue Jun 29, 2010  at  08:04 AM
We live in a small town in Southern Colorado. Coyotes are everywhere and I cannot imagine any healthy animal is going to overlook the opportunity to breed when it presents itself. I own two puppies that ARE coydogs. The mother is half German Shepherd half Austrailian Shepherd. The father is half German Shepherd half coyote-confirmed by the veternarian. Both pups have characteristics of all three breeds; one colored like a German shepherd; one colored like an Aussie; both built like coyotes.
Posted by froglady  in  Fountain, Colorado  on  Mon Jul 12, 2010  at  10:50 PM
hey, sorry but you people do not know much about dogs and breeding, I had a litter of 4 coydog pups and saw dad and my shar pei breeding..... I have lived in foothills for 50 years and know coyotes, this was not planned on my part and male coyotes only are able to breed acouple of months out of the year so it does not happen often,but there are alot of coydogs out there. American Indians breed their dogs to wolfs and coyotes for new bloodlines all the time, Russia has police canines, who are part jackel and many police working dogs in Europe are part wolf.... wolf hybrids are timid animals and not mean but often have stupid owners who should not have them and finally no foxes can not breed with dogs ...hey your library has lots of books with all this imformation... and my coydog is one of the smartest and loving animals I have ever had but she does kill chickens...also the wolf in dancing in wolf were half coyotes and half husky and the ower breeds this hybrid for pets.
Posted by Abby  in  califoria  on  Mon Aug 16, 2010  at  12:13 PM
Coydogs are real. I had one. She came from a shelter as a sheltie mix. Decided about a month later she was coy. I would give anything to have her back. She died too soon she was only about two and a half to 3 yrs old. Lookin back at her symptoms and treatment responses it seems she had liver disease? Don't know if it was the sheltie or coy in her. I know shelties are prone to endocrine system disorders?? She was great and I miss her a lot!!!
Posted by rebecca  in  petersburg, tn  on  Mon Aug 30, 2010  at  08:05 PM
People are so certain of whatever they make up. Finally I had my 10 pound alleged coydog dna tested, via the Wisdom Panel MX Mixed breed blood test. Results: equal parts Pomeranian, Border Terrier, and Olde English Sheepdog! Yes I believe the results, in that they are based on more than looks, and more than anything else here is. I look forward to the day schools begin to teach again the worthlessness of completely unsubstantiated opinion.
Posted by Jay Sheckley  on  Mon Aug 30, 2010  at  10:59 PM
Hi, so far there is no DNA test that determines if
a dog has wolf or coyote in them.Not even the Wisdom Panel MX test.Maybe someday there will be.
Posted by MICHELLE  in  USA  on  Tue Aug 31, 2010  at  03:01 PM
Forgot to mention the Wisdom Panel MX
is the only one that I know of that tests the blood,
not saliva,so it's alot more accurate and it has the DNA of over 90 AKC breeds..
But none have the DNA of wild canids,to find out
if our dogs have wild in them.
Posted by michelle  in  usa  on  Tue Aug 31, 2010  at  03:13 PM
hello my name is peggy and zoey is a 1 1/2 year old german shep/?? mix. her mother is a pure bred GSD impregnated by ?? male resulting in an unwanted litter (most died shortly after i took zoey at 2mos old)
on her second heat she was impregnated by Huck my 7yr old gsd/collie/husky mix. a wanted litter! the litter was born healthy, 4boys and 4 girls, all lived. i am happy to report both are excellent parents, huck even helping to lick the pups dry after birth!
all of the pups have a mark on their tails, which i have recently discovered is something called a pre-caudal mark. a mark above a scent gland in their tails, something that is present in wolfs and coyotes, not dogs.
so recently i have been concidering the posibility that she may be a coydog..
her mother was in heat during the male coyotes fertile time(oct-dec from what i've read online) and gave birth jan 19 2009 in northern alabama. there were 10 pups, 2 of which were female, she was the largest female. her fur is tri colored on back, cream to red to black on a single strand, with the gaurd hairs (after shedding and litter of pups) start black go white then black and some turn white again. she has red across her head and back of ears on her nose and all of her legs. red/cream and black on her sides and a very prominate black strip down her entire back (cream and white speckled with the shedding of her winter coat) she also has the pre-caudal mark on her tail.
i should just post picts!
anyway, in my online searching i also stumbled across the red wolf. believed to be a cross between gray wolf and coyote, the red wolf is in the area where she was born. some of the picts of red wolfs that i found could be her except her muzzle is black. also her eyes are striking! they are light brown gold and green, and more almond shaped than round.. i do not have the resourses to have her DNA tested and online research has only produced mostly more questions. i have noticed she runs with her tail out for a few inches then it pointes straight down at the ground, like an upside down L. that is supposedly a coyote trait. anyone who knows anything about coydogs or red wolfs could you please help me to identify her heritage? any information would be helpful, and any critisisim about letting my dogs breed will be taken with a grain of salt.

[i am not a puppymill, i wanted them to breed, many of the puppies had people to go to before the litter was born (due mostly to the awesome nature of the father)and all eight were homed between week 8 and 9 with emphisis on them bringing the dogs back to me if ther found that they could not provide an adiquite home for the puppy they chose. only positive feedback so far and they are 12wks old. we also kept a puppy, a girl that looks just like her mom but has her dads eyes!]
Thanks to all for trudging thru this far too long post and any insight you may provide
Posted by zoey's friend  in  MN currently  on  Tue Aug 31, 2010  at  04:16 PM
There's pics of my coydog on my myspace and facebook. I'm rad3078 or rebecca decker, rebecce decker-schlueter or ms bobby joe schlueter on them u can see pics. I have 2 sadies tho? I had sadie mae first she's charpe/german shepard. Little sadie was small about 20#. She was a sheltie mix but I'm sure she was coydog? She died of health problems I posted earlier here. There's not much info on coydogs. I know shelties have endocrine system disorders but unsure about coys? Found couple of posts from ppl that constantly had health problems but it seemed most didn't but coys are rare?? Its only been a little over a week since she died and I miss her soo much and cry everyday.. I think she may of had liver disease? All my pets are special but she was REALLY special. I didn't adopt her because she was coy..didn't realize that 4 about a month? But that just made her personality even better...
Posted by rebecca  in  petersburg, tn  on  Tue Aug 31, 2010  at  04:31 PM
@ zoey:
Do you mean a dark or black mark on the tail or the actual gland?

Many dogs have a dark spot midway down their tail, GSD and husky included.
While it is true that most dogs do not have the actual precaudal gland, I have found owners of husky, mal, and GSD who have reported having dogs with this gland, so yes, dogs CAN have the gland.

The color you describe sounds like possibly agouti. Again, huskies and GSD can both come in this color, and also have the eye color you describe.

Both dogs and coys can hold their tail. With huskies, that is actually the akc standard, that they hold their tail strait down behind them when standing at rest. Basically, there is no single trait that is specific only to coyotes. Any physical coy or wolf trait can also be found in dogs. All of what you describe are traits that can be found in dogs, esp huskies and gsd, and they do not indicate coyote heritage, though she does sound like a very beautiful dog.

@ rebecca: your facebook page doesn't have any pics showing publicly.
Posted by Seijun  on  Tue Aug 31, 2010  at  08:43 PM
Someone told me that coyotes and coydogs would have..double row back teeth?? Not sure what they were talking about exactly tho? I decided my dog was coy as a combination of looks and how she acted. I didn't realize my photos wernt public but I just changed the settings to everyone. I did it from my blackberry tho so hope it took?
Posted by rebecca  in  petersburg, tn  on  Tue Aug 31, 2010  at  08:59 PM
No idea what the double teeth thing means. Dogs and coys have the same number and types of teeth.

Real coydogs are very rare. The only behaviors I have ever seen in coys and not in dogs (yet) is the behavior "gaping" and their scream-like call. There may be others, but I think you would need to talk to a real coy expert to find them out.
Posted by Seijun  on  Tue Aug 31, 2010  at  10:02 PM
Here is a video of coyotes "howling" and it also gives a good view of what they look like. The background noise if people trying to howl with the coys.
Posted by Seijun  on  Tue Aug 31, 2010  at  10:05 PM
My sadie would howl and scream. That's what made me really think she was a coyote. She would do it when my husband or son howled. We didn't teach it to her she did it the first time my son howled at her after I told him I thought she was coy. I miss her howl so much. She was so sweet.
Posted by rebecca  in  petersburg, tn  on  Tue Aug 31, 2010  at  10:28 PM
fyi I still cannot see the facebook pics. Can you provide a link? If she was half coyote she will look it.
Posted by Seijun  on  Tue Aug 31, 2010  at  10:32 PM
As for picts, i just started a facebook a few months ago(i don't even have a pict of myself up!) but my boyfriend has picts of Zoey on his facebook (Ben Saxon) in the hitchhiking '09 album. she is the smaller of the two dogs the other is Huck. i will work on getting better picts.
about the tail spot;the mark is about four inches from the base of zoey's tail. a spot consistantly appears in the same place on all the pups. kinda looks like a stingray..
about huskies; huck is part husky that could account for the tails on the pups but not zoey..
zoey's mother is an outside dog in an area where coyotes are rampent, considered a pest, and shot on sight. i have read that coyotes will mate with dogs or wolfs when no other suitable partener is found.. could a 'shoot on sight' standard effect the number of female coyotes available to breed? i think yes.. but again, no one knows for sure who zoey's father is... this is why the research.
on the matter of coydog experts; do any exist?! the wide variety of information i have found online (which varies from 'coydogs do not exist' to 'we sell coydogs') i am begining to feel like maybe there is no positive expert on the matter. i would also like to point to a study in nebraska in the 70's that suggest coydogs are far more prevalent than one might's the link

so to say "coydogs are rare" i think is a misinformed statement. what seems to be rare is any true insight to the nature of coydogs..
i still don't know if zoey is part coyote or not..
it doesn't matter to me other than to be able to better understand zoey better..
keep the insight coming! i thank all of you for your help in understanding my zoey..
Posted by Zoey's friend  in  MN currently  on  Wed Sep 01, 2010  at  08:16 AM
"Both dogs and coys can hold their tail. With huskies, that is actually the akc standard, that they hold their tail strait down behind them when standing at rest."
it's not when she is at rest, when she runs fast she holds her tail pointed straight at the ground bent down right about that precaudal mark. the mark is true black on her and the pups.
Posted by Zoey's friend  in  MN currently  on  Wed Sep 01, 2010  at  09:03 AM
If you want to see real coydogs look here.
She is s friend of mine and knows everything
about them...She is sometimes hard to reach since
she is so busy,so any questions you want to ask,
I can do it for you.
Her dogs are a good example of what they look like.
Hers are Siberian husky/coy crosses.
She doesn't breed them anymore...
Posted by michelle  in  usa  on  Wed Sep 01, 2010  at  09:07 AM
to michelle:
i have been to that site and watched the slide show. beautiful dogs!
so here are my questions:

are any of these things considered coydog traits?
(keep in mind that zoey's mom is a pure german shepherd)

-she holds her ears pointed and out to the side when ever she is at ease
-she runs with her tail pointed sharply downward
-she has 3 and even 4 bands of color on a single gaurd hair, and up to 3 (cream red and black) bands of color on her coat hairs and thick cream colored under coat
-her eyes are brown gold and green (mothers eyes are dark brown)
-her middle two toes are close together with the nails close to center rather than evenly spaced

i am working on getting picts linked

thank you for any compairsons you may be able to draw
Posted by Zoey's friend  in  MN currently  on  Wed Sep 01, 2010  at  11:19 AM
I've posted here before about my coy dog. More recently, I acquired a dog from an Indian reservation in north British Columbia. The vet thought she was GDS/shar pei but after he fixed her eyes (the lids folded in and caused irritation - a shar pei trait) she looks like a grey wolf to me. I posted this photo on Flickr:

I also googled grey wolf images and found many like her. This image of grey wolves looks just like her, at least to me:

Both the coy and this (maybe) wolf cross are smart, peaceful dogs except when they work together to catch rabbits and annoy squirrels.
Posted by njoy  in  BC, Canada  on  Wed Sep 01, 2010  at  11:44 AM
@ zoey's friend: My point was that dogs can and do hold their tails strait down, and it does not indicate wild heritage.

Looked at your myspace album, there were pics of a joe and sadie that looked like bulldog mixes or possibly pitbull mixes. There was another dark brown and white one called sadie that looked much more coyish, but hard to tell. She could also have been mixed with some sort of herding dog like basenji, kelpie or Australian catttle dog. Breeds like these can sometimes throw some very coyish looking offspring I've noticed, because they already have the small size, large pointed ears, and triangular face that most eople already associate with coyotes--there was a purebred australlian cattle dog I once knew that when seen from afar always fooled me into thinking I was looking at a coyote, he even kept his tail pointed strait down as you mentioned.

The paper you linked to was interesting, but was done in the 1970's and regarding free-ranging/wild dogs, coyotes, and coydogs in only a single state. No genetic testing was done I might add, only visual phenotyping of skulls, which is not an exact science. That aside, even 44 coydogs in a single state over two years is low considering at the time that state probably had thousands of dogs. Pet coydogs ARE extremely rare in comparison to the population of pet dogs. On the other hand, the number of pet dogs that look coyish is very high. wink

Regarding her precaudal mark: As I mentioned earlier, pure dogs can have both the dark mark on their tail and the actual gland. The dark mark is much more common.

Couldn't find no pics of zoey. Perhaps I have the wrong rebecca schlueter in Petersburg TN. The profile says married and no mention of a "Ben Saxon".

By expert I mean someone who does have a lot of experience with coydogs. Sundance is the only place I know of that breeds (or bred) coydogs. You could also try the yahoo group wdchatter, someone there might also be able to help. It is a wolfdog list but some members have coy experience.
Posted by Seijun  on  Wed Sep 01, 2010  at  12:01 PM
All the traits you mentioned are both dog and coyote traits. The fur is called agoutie and is a dog and coyote color.

Your sharpei mix looks exactly like a sharpei or akita mix. The wolf pictures you are looking at are somewhat misleading since the animals are in their winter coats and it makes them look bulkier. Their chests are actually very narrow, only wide enough for three fingers. They have /extremely/ long legs and muzzles, and small, rounded, furry ears. Their paws are huge. Your sharpei has none of these traits. Try doing google image searches for wolves in their summer coats
Posted by Seijun  on  Wed Sep 01, 2010  at  12:16 PM
to seijun: rebecca is sadie's friend.
i am zoey's friend. sorry for the confusion.. look for penny day on face book and there are a few picts up now, and more later.
Posted by zoey's friend  in  MN currently  on  Wed Sep 01, 2010  at  12:27 PM
I'm not the one with zoey. On myspace and facebook my dogs are joe boxer the boxer mix. Sadie mae. She's charpe/ german shepard. And lit sadie who is a sheltie mix. It wasn't just her looks that made me think she was coy but they made me wonder. When she started howling/screaming like a coyote that's when I decided yup she's got some coyote in her. She would usually only do it if my husband or son did it. Or if I left her inside when I was outside and she wanted out.... She was great tho. And I miss her dearly..
Posted by rebecca  in  petersburg, tn  on  Wed Sep 01, 2010  at  01:20 PM
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