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Computer Tan
Get a tan as you sit in front of your computer by logging onto

This technological breakthrough is enabled by converting the electrical impulse delivered to your pc into radiated factor-free UV rays.

It's Tan-Tastic!

The Times Online reveals that the site is actually a hoax created by the UK skin cancer charity Skcin "to raise awareness of skin cancer in the UK." However, within only 24 hours, 30,000 people had registered their interest in getting a "computer tan" before the site was revealed to be a hoax.

This isn't the first online tanning salon we've seen. Back in 2004 I posted about
Posted by The Curator on Thu Feb 05, 2009

We'd better pray that it's a hoax. If computer screens really do give out UV light, we're all busy getting skin cancer and cataracts as we sit at our keyboards.
Posted by Big Gary  in  South Padre Island, Texas  on  Thu Feb 05, 2009  at  12:36 PM
Ooh, just think. Pasty white nerds would become so tanned no one would even recognize them!
Posted by AqueousBoy  on  Thu Feb 05, 2009  at  06:23 PM
Wouldn't they just turn as orange as anyone else who fake-n-bake's? Or sprays it on.
Posted by Charles  in  Michigan  on  Thu Feb 05, 2009  at  08:45 PM
I'm going to start using computer monitors for my grow-op.
Posted by Canadarm  in  Toronto  on  Fri Feb 06, 2009  at  11:14 AM
This is in line with the "pregnancy tester" website I came across a few years ago. The girls here had a laugh when I ran it on myself and turned up pregnant. Not bad for a fifty year old guy.
Posted by KDP  in  Madill, OK  on  Fri Feb 06, 2009  at  12:11 PM
So YOU were the "pregnant man, KDP!
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sat Feb 07, 2009  at  03:48 AM
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