Cologne Pills

image Athletic-apparel company Lululemon has recently been advertising what they claim to be the world's first cologne pill. You swallow it and then you sweat cologne. They call it L'Odeur. The tagline for the product is "Swallow the cologne pill. Sweat the fragrance." You can check out the ad here. There's also an accompanying cheesy video on You Tube.

Of course, it's a hoax. The cologne-pill ads are actually designed to attract attention to a new real product, Silverescent, which is a clothing made from a material that is supposed to reduce sweat odors.


Posted on Sat Jun 16, 2007


Isn't there a component in sweat that acts like an aphrodisiac? So everyone sweat more, have more sex, and get the population up to fourteen or fifteen billion by next week. Do you part!
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Sun Jun 17, 2007  at  03:45 PM
Can anyone say Pheromones?
Posted by oppiejoe  on  Mon Jun 18, 2007  at  10:38 AM
I can say it, I just couldn't spell it and couldn't find my dictionary.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Mon Jun 18, 2007  at  02:29 PM
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