Coke vs. Pepsi

According to the Independent, researchers have proven that the difference between Coke and Pepsi really is all in your head. Apparently the popularity of Coke's brand image causes people to think Coca-Cola itself tastes better, even though it really doesn't taste very different from Pepsi. As the article says: "When asked to taste blind, they showed no preference. However, when the participants were shown company logos before they drank, the Coke label, the more famous of the two, had a dramatic impact: three-quarters of the tasters declared they preferred Coke." I've long suspected this. Personally I can't taste any difference between Coke and Pepsi, but I have a friend who swears passionately that there's a huge difference. Now I can show him this research to prove that he's simply been brainwashed by advertising. Oh, and the Pepsi Taste Test also turns out to be nothing but hot air: "The findings suggest there is no scientific basis for claims made during the Pepsi ad campaign in which testers purportedly chose Pepsi over Coke when they were not told what they were drinking."

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Posted on Tue Oct 19, 2004


I do believe that coke is much better than pepsi. It's my favourite soda drink but I don't mind drinking pepsi if there's no coca. I just want to know how cola drinks in general harm our health ?
Posted by Moody  in  Cairo,Egypt  on  Wed Oct 14, 2009  at  06:34 PM
2 cans of coke causes diarrhea, pepsi does not. Coke burns your mouth as you swallow it, pepsi does not. Coke has its beginning from cocaine, pepsi does not. Test in india confirm drinking too much coke causes stomach cancer. search it up.
Posted by pepsi  in  california  on  Thu Oct 15, 2009  at  12:49 AM
Pepsi is way sweetr and more waterry.
Posted by ....  in  Hey  on  Mon Oct 19, 2009  at  06:19 PM
raspberry i love COKE:) its wayy better denn pepsi aight dumbass:P
Posted by NEWb0YZRUlE:)  in  CENtR0,MAUii;hAWAii  on  Wed Nov 04, 2009  at  12:43 PM
hmmm now this an interesting question i enjoy almost any soft drink like no joke but i CAN tell the difference between pepsi and coke and i find pepsi goes flat very quickly like within an hour coke will last alot longer pepsi also has a really funny taste and leaves a bitter aftertaste, and coke has a really good taste and leaves no bad aftertaste, diet pepsi isnt very great, diet coke is refrshing i find coke is definetly better i'd drink it over any other soft drink any day COCA-COLA RULES!!!n!
Posted by john  in  ottawa  on  Fri Nov 06, 2009  at  09:17 PM
I'm a Coke drinker & can totally tell the difference between Coke & Pepsi. I appreciate at restaurants when I ask for a Coke, that they tell me they have Pepsi, because then I'll order a water or something else. I don't like Pepsi at all. When I ask for a Coke & they bring me a Pepsi I can taste the difference & ask for a water in it's place. I won't pay for that drink because I didn't order that drink... I also don't like the Mexican Coke, I guess I prefer HFCS over pure cane sugar...
Posted by Cristy  in  Phoenix  on  Sat Nov 07, 2009  at  11:07 AM
(is it just me, or did people lose intelligence in posting, between the first ones in 2004 and the most recent?)
I'm a Pepsi guy for the most part, unless I'm only drinking for the carbonation. Pepsi IS sweeter than Coke, and it goes flat quicker. Personally, I'm in it for the taste, which i find just... better. But only by a little, and perhaps it's because I've been drinking it longer, maybe because my mom drinks it. A damn close one for me is Pepsi vs. Vanilla Coke.
Posted by Eli Keithrafferty  in  Racine WI  on  Thu Nov 12, 2009  at  11:26 AM
Coca-Cola Co (KO.N) unveiled goals on Monday that call for the revenue generated by the company and its bottlers to double to roughly $200 billion by 2020, with profit margins increasing.

Coke also said it hopes to more than double the number of soft drink servings it sells to more than 3 billion per day by the end of 2020.

The world's largest soft drink maker discussed its targets for the next 10 years at a two-day investor meeting in Atlanta, its first such gathering in its hometown in more than a decade.

Chief Executive Muhtar Kent said the annual revenue growth rate implied by the 2020 goal is a little higher than the top end of Coke's standard long-term growth target, but he sought to assure investors and analysts that it is "definitely achievable."

"It's going to take a lot of work. It's going to take some fantastic marketing and a lot of synergies to be powered back into marketing," Kent said. "But we believe our system has the capacity to achieve that trajectory."

Kent said there were several worldwide trends that supported the accelerated growth in the medium- to long-term -- rising economic power of developing countries, increasing urbanization and a growing middle class.

For example, Chinese consumers drink an average of 8 servings of Coca-Cola per year, compared with 214 in the United States and 387 in Mexico.

In addition to its trademark cola brand, Coca-Cola has 12 other brands that currently generate over $1 billion in retail sales, including Sprite, Fanta, Dasani water, Powerade sports drink and Georgia coffee. By 2020, Coke said it should have about 30 brands with sales of $1 billion.


Coke derives more than three-quarters of its revenue from international markets, and is therefore able to offset falling sales in the United States with strong growth in emerging markets like India, China and Brazil. The company said last week it was ramping up investment in Brazil.

Industrywide sales of carbonated soft drinks had been falling in the United States even before the recession slammed the brakes on consumer spending. Some consumers, taking heed of growing awareness of nutritional health, have opted for drinks such as bottled water, juice and tea.

Competition in the sagging U.S. market is about to heat up, since No. 2 soft drink maker PepsiCo Inc (PEP.N) recently agreed to buy Pepsi Bottling Group Inc (PBG.N) and PepsiAmericas Inc (PAS.N), its largest bottlers, in a bid to cut costs, after a decade of operating as separate companies.

Coke has staunchly defended its franchise business model in which it sells drink concentrate to separate bottlers.

The company on Monday said strong brands, targeted marketing campaigns and new packages and price points would help drive growth. It also highlighted a marketing campaign it is planning for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
Posted by Carrie  on  Tue Nov 17, 2009  at  08:19 PM
The company does not provide specific earnings forecasts, but has repeatedly said its long-term growth targets call for annual sales volume to increase 3 percent to 4 percent, revenue to increase 5 percent to 6 percent and earnings per share to increase at a high single-digit percentage rate.

"The long term growth rates are appropriate (moving into 2010), but we're not content with them," said Chief Financial Officer Gary Fayard.

He added that if the company and bottlers achieve the 2020 goals, they would generate cumulative cash flow of $130 billion to $150 billion and would reinvest $32 billion to $37 billion in capital expenditures, with "quite a bit of cash available for other things, such as dividends, acquisitions and share repurchases."

Last month, Coke reported lower-than-expected third-quarter revenue, hurt by the stronger U.S. dollar and said a weak economy would keep consumers under pressure next year.

Coke shares closed 0.5 percent higher at $56.74 on Monday. The shares have gained roughly 25 percent this year, outperforming a 14 percent increase for PepsiCo.
Posted by Carrie  on  Tue Nov 17, 2009  at  08:20 PM
COKE RULES!!!! raspberry
Posted by Carrie  on  Tue Nov 17, 2009  at  08:27 PM
i would drink the coke then snort some real coke so that the pepsi would taste better then i would take the pepsi and pour it all over your moms butt! cause i like it like that
Posted by penis  in  yourmomshouse  on  Wed Dec 02, 2009  at  07:43 AM
OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA I think Coca-Cola has a more AMERICAN taste and back ground. Pepsi seams like for the most part ITS FOR lazy OBAMA voters would like Pepsi better.
Posted by MIKE  in  DENVER COLORADO  on  Thu Dec 03, 2009  at  06:45 PM
There is a HUGE diff between coke and pepsi i know because pepsi upsets my stomach and coke doesn't. There you go...
Posted by Shea  on  Wed Dec 09, 2009  at  01:15 PM
I prefer Coca-Cola over Pespi & 7-up over Sprite. And Tuborg Squash over both Fanta & Mirinda wink
Posted by xtremedition  in  Copenhagen  on  Sat Dec 19, 2009  at  05:02 PM
Stop bashing Pepsi, it doesn't copy coca cola,and just because coca cola sails more, doesn't mean it's better, it just means that coca cola is better in marketing and advertisement. I noticed the gas in coca cola goes away very fast while in pepsi it doesn't, and I think there's a bit too much sugar in coca cola, ad that's why I prefer pepsi. But that's just me.
Posted by Sam  on  Fri Dec 25, 2009  at  02:03 PM
cool cheese coke is better beaucse coke has lots of good stuff and better but pepsi is still good but its ok!!
Posted by Anastasiya  in  spokane  on  Wed Jan 06, 2010  at  11:47 AM
Coke blows, not only to work for but even by brands. Their only claim to fame is distribution. Where I'm at not only did they loose share in 09, out of the top 20 single serve beverages that went through scanners on the whole Easter BU they had 1 in the top 10 . Pepsi had 7. thats a fact.
They are a terrible , greedy company to work for as well. What kind of fuktard company does not pay its salesmen commision? Where is the incentive to sell or grow? Cuts driver bulk stops to bayroutes to cut paying driver commision. No wander they can try and boast profits..they treat their people like shit. Pepsi pays all the benefits and then some, awesome company to work for and remains top paid in it's job type over 10 years in a row. Believe me Pepsi people in the economy to boot are doing well and selling more.
Plain fact is Mt. Dew alone is the number ONE selling single 20oz. PERIOD!
Look at cokes lineup...Gold Peak? WTF is that? Peace tea?? LOL that will make it. Tumme-yummie? really? Vault? LOL another failed attempt..and rumor has it they have something called a Mr. Pibb...never seen it. they have to buy into a company to get something decent like Vitamin water. powerade??? Gatorade shits all over that dollar store brand sugar water. So when you go to a gas station and wonder why coke has such a cheap price on these ..take a minute and think about why they are so cheap! Oh yeah how about Caribou coffee LMAO!! Head up against Pepsi and Starbucks. Dasani sales sucked so bad they had to buy Evian water for distribution, while pepsi's aquafina holds it's water sales WAY over their's. To end this whole thing I will sum it up Very simply and you tards whom try to argue this ..well don't waste your time. You all ahave heard of WalMart right? VERY popular place for the vast majority of the U.S to shop (I'm told) lol. They carry what sales by sheer volume number so next time you are in their drink aisle take a look at who owns the drink space...nuff said .
Posted by Zub  in  Va  on  Sun Feb 07, 2010  at  02:47 PM
Posted by SCOTT A.  on  Sun Feb 07, 2010  at  03:25 PM
Austin sims is very very wrong. Coke tasteds way better. and yes there is a difference coke does not have way more sugar than pepsi it only has one gram more coke does not get flater faster than pepsi because pepsi is already flat when you open it. lastly, coke takes in 2 grams more carbonation than pepsi i hate pepsi because its tastes so bad. face the truth coke is so much better. coca-cola til i die!
Posted by Coca-Cola lover  in  Coke Factory  on  Tue Feb 09, 2010  at  06:02 PM
To me, Coke is better. It is more carbonated but thats what i like. Sizzling and bubbley in my mouth smile Tastey. I really didnt taste a difference between the two at first but now i do. COKE IS BETTER
Posted by Lil Sis  on  Mon Feb 15, 2010  at  02:55 PM
"The hell with PEPSI and COKE..pop is so bad for people, but people are too fucking dumb to realize that, or they just don't care...sure have a pop now and then, but drink more fuckin water dumbasses, ur just dehydrating yourselves!!!!!!!
Posted by R. Terrence  in  Canton, Ohio  on  Tue Mar 09, 2010  at  04:47 PM

(. i have noticed pepsi tastes the same in all forms but coke taste different in all forms i.e packaging and from fountains weird?)

End Quote

That's exactly right.

Coke tastes way better than pepsi from the Tap (imo), although when canned or bottled, I honestly think Pepsi tastes better from the can than coke, maybe even bottled. Bottled coke goes flat extremely fast, pepsi seems to last a little longer. Although better canned (pepsi), McDonalds has some of the best coke from the Tap, as does white castle, I would always choose that over pepsi.
Posted by Justin T.  in  Glen Ellyn, IL  on  Fri Mar 12, 2010  at  07:10 PM
Whats Wrong with you Guys Fighting with each Other????

I've tasted Coke and Pepsi.. Their Both Delicious!!!

But They are even more Delicious If You Mixed them Together!!! Trust me its Better..

Just Call it PepCa-Cola See... Its Better if their combine its much more tastier and more yummy...
Posted by Amber  in  Hawaii  on  Sat Mar 13, 2010  at  12:43 AM
i can toooootally tell the difference between nasty pepsi and yummy coke. no difference?! you are stupid.
Posted by joey  in  california  on  Fri Mar 19, 2010  at  09:38 PM
I can taste the diff between the two, maybe I'm a frequent drinker of both.

I like Pepsi Max over Coke zero,
however for the original ones, I like Coca Cola over pepsi.

And truthfully, I don't think either of them is 'disgusting' like some people put it when they're trying to sabotage the brand they're not loyal to.

Anyway, thanx for the info.
Posted by g-tensai  on  Fri Mar 26, 2010  at  05:50 AM
Hi... I Love rootbeer better then both my self... But if i had to chose i would have a chicago!
Posted by Root Beer  in  MN  on  Wed Mar 31, 2010  at  05:11 PM
Who cares
Posted by Fuck  on  Sat Apr 17, 2010  at  03:02 AM
Posted by goodman  on  Sat Apr 17, 2010  at  02:56 PM
Hey dumb asses if your not gonna say anything about Coke or Pepsi nobody gives a fuck about what you have to say so just don't post.
P.S. Coke kicks Pepsi's ASS!!!
Posted by kaylin  in  CA  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  05:04 PM
i'm from London and the article is bull coz i can taste the difference and so can a lot of the people i know. i'm a coke person and so is my whole family but i do kno a lot of people who love pepsi. i dont kno wat it is specifically but it does taste different.

LOVE COKE Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Posted by Mya  in  London  on  Wed May 12, 2010  at  03:36 PM
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