Coca-Cola Fantasy Items

Here's an interesting piece from a newspaper about the burgeoning market in Coca-Cola Fantasy items. One of the paper's readers wrote in to ask whether their Coca-Cola belt buckle designed by Tiffany Studios and showing a nude woman sitting on a crescent moon was of any value (unfortunately there's no picture of the item). The paper's reply: No, because the item is a fantasy fake:

[This] is what Coca-Cola collectors call a "fantasy," which is a piece that never existed as an old item, was not used in advertising by the Coca-Cola Co. (nor sanctioned by them), but is a modern creation meant to appeal to collectors or to mislead the unwary. There are literally tons and tons of these Coca-Cola "fantasy" items out there, lurking in flea markets and at garage sales. The variety seems to be endless, and belt buckles are one of the favorite items to be made as "fantasies," and many of them feature nude women, including one extremely tasteless and offensive example that has the representation of a nude nun of all things!

Nude Nun Coke memorabilia. I may be twisted, but for some reason that seems more interesting to me than the authentic Coke stuff.

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Posted on Mon Nov 08, 2004


Eventually there will be a market for Coke Fantasy items...Just like other 'fake' pieces that are worth almost as much as the originals because it has become it's own 'original'.
Posted by Maegan  on  Mon Nov 08, 2004  at  12:27 PM
Get it while it lasts folks!
Posted by Charybdis  on  Mon Nov 08, 2004  at  01:03 PM
See also
Posted by Charybdis  on  Mon Nov 08, 2004  at  01:07 PM
Maybe I'm tasteless and offensive, but I have no interest whatever in old Coke ads, yet a nude nun bottle opener or the like would be pretty appealing.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Mon Nov 08, 2004  at  04:29 PM
Maybe they should contract Britney, Alicia or Beyonce (or Kelly, or Michelle)...dress them up like nuns...just.
Posted by Paul  on  Mon Nov 08, 2004  at  06:35 PM
re. nude nuns - usually the only way to identify a nun is by her clothes - wimple, habit etc. If she's nude she's just a woman...
Posted by laura  on  Mon Dec 06, 2004  at  12:14 PM
Whoever wrote that article, has not seen or inspected any of those buckles. The Buckles have copyrights on front and back. It is made from refined Brass, not some amateur. Coke and Tiffany do not want their reputations stained with some nude woman on a buckle, especial now in this age of politcal correctness. The buckle I bought around 1969-70, was in an estate from the turn of the last century, 1900-10, with a couple of the same buckles (with other images too). Compaines put out many of these items. the country did not have the hang ups that we have now in this modern age.
Posted by Tom  on  Thu Jan 27, 2005  at  04:26 PM
I'm not telling you this to be perverse or offensive in any way! I was doing a Google search for Coke memorabilia, and I came accross this in the process. But it fits this topic, so here goes...I attended an all girls catholic high school, and every year the nun that would be teaching our gym classes, no matter which nun it was, would shower with us after the class. Obviously nothing sexual was taking place, and I'm sure they were just showering with us because they too needed a shower after gym class, but it still was something to see these nuns who you were so used to being completely covered now standing totally nude in the shower next to you, and sometimes talking to you while showering. I can't believe how many guys I know get turned on by hearing about that? I mean come on, their nuns!
Posted by Lisa  on  Wed Oct 05, 2005  at  01:11 AM
i do have a coca-cola belt buckle from 1915 trans pan expo. it features a nun on the front with a slide plate youy pull up to feature a young nude woman is this a fake i dont think so it's been in my family for 30 years or more write me if i'm stupid or what
Posted by don jarman  on  Tue Oct 03, 2006  at  02:39 PM
I bought one for a friend who collects Coke products. It's a fake, but that doesn't mean it isn't old. These things have been produced for decades, so it's entirely possible that it's been in your family for 30 years.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Tue Oct 03, 2006  at  10:33 PM
My husband has one of these "nude" belt buckles, that he got when he was 9 yrs old. (He's now 46)It had belonged to his uncle, who had gotten it from his father, so to say that it isn't "old", is completely untrue. These things are very well made, and very heavy.
Posted by Martha  on  Wed Nov 08, 2006  at  03:39 PM
I never said they weren't old, I said they were fakes. I agree, they are very heavy and well made, though the design is a bit crude. They could have used a better artist.

Coca-Cola has been around for over 100 years. It's very possible to have an antique belt buckle that also happens to be fake.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Thu Nov 09, 2006  at  08:41 AM
Most of these brass buckles were made in the 1970's, so they are about 30 years old... Tom got ripped off.
Posted by A  on  Mon Aug 27, 2007  at  03:44 PM
I have one with a nun on it and it says drink Coca-Cola on the front,when you slide out the plate it does show a woman with her breast exposed,on back of the buckle it says A Coca-Cola creat on,I guess it was pose to say creation,and it says Trans-Pan Exposition San Francisco 1915 under that,but it dont have Tiffany Studios on it anywhere,as a matter of fact it has no other words on it.
Posted by James Chapman  on  Wed Mar 05, 2008  at  11:58 AM
I have one of the nude belt buckles too. Mine is very different from all that I have seen and read about though. Mine has red and white clear type paint on it and 4 didgit number on the back. There is not a date anywhere but it is in excellent condition. Quite heavy as well. I am a Coke lover. Obtaining this was very exciting, however learning that it is most likely fake was a little disappointing but ya live and learn.
Posted by Stephany  on  Tue Jun 03, 2008  at  09:28 PM
Is yours made of brass also?I forgot to mention earlier that the old leather belt is still on the one I have,and I think the only thing that matters is that a person is happy with their collectable.
Posted by James Chapman  on  Wed Jun 04, 2008  at  04:25 AM
Hi: I have a brass nun belt buckle that opens to a cigar cutter with naked girl. On the front it says Drink Coca-Cola and on the back "A COCA COLA Creation (i mission) Trans-Pan Exposition San Francisco 1915. Real Deal even though Coke doesn't agree.
Posted by gail lansbury  on  Sat Sep 20, 2008  at  05:41 PM
i have a coca cola 5 cents at fountains buckle that i cant find anywhere on the internet wut makes it unique is the front is made out of leather please message me if u have any information about this belt buckle
Posted by kevyn stone  on  Wed Oct 08, 2008  at  04:08 PM
I have pics of one of the belt buckles in question,
Posted by Steve Catania  on  Wed Oct 15, 2008  at  05:19 PM
Steve, I have pics of my belt buckle. I don't know how to use this site to get back to you. Give me your e mail.
Posted by gail lansbury  on  Thu Oct 16, 2008  at  06:37 PM
I just "hit" on this site. I'm almost 50. I've been in possession of two (2) heavy brass belt buckles, for around 38 years. (I'll have to ask my mother!) And I'll have to dig them out. If I remember right, I got them at some sort of farmers market, I think in the States, while on a family trip. I thought they where really "cool." Both have a "nuns" habit on the front, from the shoulders up, with a woman's face inset. On the bottom in raised letters it says, if I remember right, either "Drink" or "Enjoy" Coca-Cola... in the Coke "script". There's a sliding brass insert, that when pulled up reveals a young woman, from the hips up, with her breasts exposed. (Now how cool is that... when you're around 12?) My parents didn't want me buying it... with my allowance, paper route, money... (that, and the neighbors across the street from where we lived were Roman Catholic, and they knew I'd have to show it off.) I polished one till you could see your reflection in it... and it definitely made me a MAJOR hit in the school yard during recess. The clip on the back, where it would affix to a belt, was large, and now in thinking about it, could probably be used as a bottle opener. (My parents to this day don't know I bought two of them.) Two other things that I definitely remember about them are, 1.) One of them would clip into a belt from the left side, and the other from the right... that's why I HAD to buy both; and 2.) On the back, opposite from the "clip", and indented in the brass, the words, "A Coca-Cola Creation, Trans Pan Exposition, San Francisco, 1915". Whether they were really made by Coca-Cola or not, I don't know. (In my mind when I got them, I just assumed they were.) I vaguely remember paying around $20.00 US each for them way back then... which was huge!!! (because I was around 12.) I'm moving soon, and almost everything I have is packed in boxes. I would NEVER get rid of something like them, memories yah know. When I dig them out, and if anyone else comments on this, I'll comment more and/or include pictures... if I can figure a way. I've never met anyone else in possession of one of these, and only included all this information... in case it should "fill-in" any blanks, or possibly help answer any questions. Obviously at the time I got mine, there were no computers... ain't the internet wonderful? Peter
Posted by Peter  on  Sat Oct 25, 2008  at  01:46 PM
P.S... Just an afterthought to my previous submission. There is DEFINITELY NO "Tiffany Studios" markings whatsoever, anywhere, on either of my two (2) buckles. (Maybe someone copied my "original" version... and put that on replicas, hoping to give THEM some false authenticity? Or visa versa?) Does that help at all?... or, just make for more... confusion? I dunno! (I'll check this site every once in a while, to see if anyone comments on any of this, or anything gets clarified.) Is there anyone out there, who's honest, and a genuine Coca-Cola history/memorabilia expert? Regards, Peter
Posted by Peter  on  Sat Oct 25, 2008  at  03:50 PM
I also have one of these heavy brass buckles.. I bought mine back in about 1979 at a swap meet in Seattle, Wa. near the Seattle Center Fountain.. I have seen this buckle online at other sites with photos and valued at $3500! I was jumping for joy and ready to sell it on the spot... maybe this is still valuable anyhow? If I had a good offer I would gladly part with mine...
this describes it exactly "I have one with a nun on it and it says drink Coca-Cola on the front,when you slide out the plate it does show a woman with her breast exposed,on back of the buckle it says A Coca-Cola creat on,I guess it was pose to say creation,and it says Trans-Pan Exposition San Francisco 1915 under that,but it dont have Tiffany Studios on it anywhere,as a matter of fact it has no other words on it".
Posted by marshall  on  Fri Jan 02, 2009  at  09:32 AM
I have a round buckle,I think is lead.
The front has a woman in a hat, holding
a glass of coke.On the bottom written,
spelled coco cola company atlanta ga.
The back has that so called tiffany stamped,
london england. Also was stamped with"awarded
for dancing non-stop 24 hours.This appears to
be authentic.
Posted by will cierzan  on  Sat Feb 07, 2009  at  01:13 PM
I have one of the nude nun buckles, and have to say I am skeptical that it is a fake. I do know that the "Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide" insists it is a fake, but the author of that book seems personally troubled by the nature of the buckle. I think that this may have influenced him... as he give no concrete evidence proving it is a fake. I have seen many instances of historical research being influence by contemporary mores, and this may be another case. Think of all the items we see which we now properly recognize as racist, or bigoted in some religious or sexist way. There are many. Pre-WWII, this was a majorly Protestant country, outside of the urban centers. Anti-Catholic sentiment was common, just as anti-Semetic was... you see it in literature from that era all the time. As a modern comparison, think of the 1990's show "Father Ted" in Britain... it is clearly anti-Catholic, and would never have been produced in this country, today. In 1915? I have no doubt. The buckle... I don't know if it is real or not... but I will tell you I would not sell mine cheap, it's easier to hold onto, in case it someday turns out to be genuine. P57
Posted by Proto57  on  Sun Mar 14, 2010  at  08:07 AM
i have a brass nude nun pull out coke buckle that is marked tiffany.i purchased for 20.00 over 25 years father was in the buckle bus.and put out some news letters.buckle is fake(coke nor tiffany did not produce them)but are not worthless.over the years i have run across several of this type buckle priced from 80.00-120.00.
Posted by barnes boy  on  Wed Mar 31, 2010  at  07:41 PM
i to have a nude nun belt buckle by coca cola ceations, pan am exposition 1915 and as the guy on antique roadshow said........coca cola may deny it.....but there it is..and he valued it at $ those unbeleivers........coca cola apparently wasn't always a family oriented company...didn't it use to put real coke in it's beverage? lol.......but now they disavow their old ways and DENY DENY DENY.that THEY were ever politically incorrect......i don't beleive anyone was putting out fake coca cola belt buckles in 1915. today people are only addicted to the caffeine and sugar in pop.......i don't think caffeine should be put in any beverage that children you?
Posted by sandy  on  Thu Apr 15, 2010  at  01:56 PM
I too have the nun buckle but mine has no writing on the back. It says Drink Coca Cola on the front below the nun's habit. I bought mine in a box of junk at an estate sale in KY about 30 years ago. I just assumed it was a fake but now I wonder.
Posted by Sarah  on  Wed Jul 14, 2010  at  04:05 PM
One thing that comes to mind with all this, that these buckles are fake and Coca-Cola did not make them. Why has not anyone or a company not have come forward to say, "Hey I made Them, see here the die's"? Or at least paper work or work orders?
Posted by Thomas Richardson  on  Thu Jul 15, 2010  at  07:22 AM
I have one of these also! and yes this is a turn on for a lot of guys! And as to Thomas in Trinity........Are you kidding me have you read the comments about how long people have had them and what the person from the "Antiques Roadshow" said.... Plus what about the obvious???? There is no way "Coke" in this day and age would come out and say "Yeah we made it.".
Posted by Dan Collins  on  Tue Jul 20, 2010  at  12:17 PM
I have the same belt buckle that says Drink Coca Cola on the front & on the back it says "A Coca Cola CREAT ON". The letter "i" in creation is omitted. Under that it it says "TRANS-PAN EXPOSITION and under that it says SAN FRANCISCO 1916.
Posted by David J. Mahoney  on  Fri Aug 13, 2010  at  11:05 AM
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