Coffin Racing

image According to local legend in Manitou Springs, Colorado (legend that may or may not be true), a young woman named Emma Crawford was once buried at the top of nearby Red Mountain. But during a rain storm, her coffin came loose and raced down the side of the mountain. To commemorate this event, residents of the town now hold an annual coffin racing contest through the center of town. A few pictures from yesterday's race can be seen here. I'm not sure who won.

Death Sports

Posted on Mon Nov 01, 2004


um... *panicked stare* coffin races???! :gulp:

*cough cough* those dead people won't be happy when they wake up... :roll:
Posted by Sango-chan  on  Tue Nov 02, 2004  at  08:19 PM
Presumably it was a dead heat.
Posted by jag  on  Thu Nov 04, 2004  at  05:01 AM
The Townhouse Lounge Racing Team guarantees 2 wins in this year's race. We put the MAN in Manitou...tu.
Posted by rm  on  Fri Oct 14, 2005  at  10:31 AM
The race was great this year! I couldn't believe how many coffins there were! The townhouse was funny! I took lots of pictures of them. The SS Minow was funny too espeically MaryAnn - wow what fun it was this year!
Posted by The Townhouse "pink guys" were great!  on  Sat Oct 29, 2005  at  07:03 PM
OH! And they did win! I will be posting pictures on my website of the 2005 race 😊 If anyone wants to look. There are pictures from the 2004 race also 😊
Posted by Jane  on  Sat Oct 29, 2005  at  07:06 PM
Wait a minute Jane, the hardware's in the house... the Crystal Hill Billies house! CHB Racing came home with the first place Emma Crawford trophy and the Coffin Cup!
Posted by Shredmon  on  Sun Oct 30, 2005  at  05:13 AM
OMG they did? I saw a Townhouse Guy carrying it around and thought they won! I'm sorry! Congratulations to you! I have pictures of you guys too which I will be putting on my site 😊
Posted by Jane  on  Sun Oct 30, 2005  at  09:04 AM
BTW is a listing I can get of how everyone came in - in the race? Winners etc? A site? Maybe it will be in the paper today - 😊 I sure had a great time!
Posted by Jane  on  Sun Oct 30, 2005  at  09:38 AM
hey Shredmon. My friend Lars is an excellent photographer and he took an excellent picture of your team racing on Saturday. You should contact him about it! It's just something you should have and frame. Let me know if you want to contact him - well here is his site. Do it soon however because he is going to Germany this month.
Posted by ColoradoJeepChick  on  Tue Nov 01, 2005  at  12:45 AM
Manitou Springs, Emma Crawford Coffin Race
2003 - 1st Coffin Race(High)& Best Coffin
2004 - 2nd Coffin Race, Best Coffin, Best Emma
2005 - 2nd Coffin Race, Best Entourge

Nederland, Frozen Dead Guy Coffin Race
2005 - Won Coffin Cup for Maniotu from Nederland, 2nd Coffin Race, Best Costume
Posted by rm  on  Tue Nov 15, 2005  at  02:14 PM
Those Pink Guys had some pretty hot Emmas this year!!!
Posted by BOB  on  Tue Nov 15, 2005  at  02:19 PM
Does any one have any good pictures of the TuTus?
Posted by Flaming TuTu  on  Wed Nov 16, 2005  at  03:39 PM
I have some on my website

my friend Lars might have some on his

Posted by ColoradoJeepChick  on  Wed Nov 16, 2005  at  04:45 PM
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